10 Scandinavian TV series that conquered not only Europe but the whole world

Scandinavian series — a special genre.Information technology opened to movie fans with almost unlimited possibilities, and film fans can explore from the comfort of home, with the cinema almost every country. Nobody argues that American and British television projects attract attention by its staginess and unpredictability. But the real discovery for multimillion-dollar national TV audience was the work of the Scandinavian masters. They give a stunning multi-part projects that immerse us all in a unique atmosphere inherent in the harsh realities of the Northern part of the European continent. We denote the top ten most admired TV series that its originality has won not one corner of our planet.

1. «Lillehammer»

The Series «Lillehammer»./ Photo: serialguru.ru2011-2014, season 3Fans of black humor will appreciate this series. Brutal mobster Frank Taliano, in whose veins the hot Italian-American blood, takes on the FBI and your boss, and leaves the States, hoping to find in my old age comfort and peace in some nice area on the planet. The feds offer him a choice of any place on Earth. Frank chose Lillehammer because he was impressed by the last winter Olympics in Norwegian this fascinating place. Arrived on the scene, Frank saw that Lillyhammer – it’s just snow and a godforsaken village. In her reign their orders. But Frank, always used to feel master of the situation, decided to take on the criminal control of this area. As all this was happening – better to see once with your own eyes!

2. «Justified»

The TV Series ‘Justified’./ Photo: keeno.tv2015 — …, 2 seasonsSlow, a bit intimate and still very nice crime drama, acquainted the audience with the entrepreneur Axel Borgen. The long enough to successfully develop their business in Asia, and then decided to return to native land. He returned to the city of his childhood in the backwoods of Norway to try to save it from bankruptcy is not a foreign company. It would be good, but only the people of his native town many years ago was accused of Borgen in the murder of the girl. Who is the real killer? View this series and solve the crime puzzle.

3. «Heritage»

Series «Legacy»./ Photo: journalist-karelia.ru2014, season 3 of theReal family drama unfolds on a small Danish island Funen. Died a famous artist Veronica Ronnegard. Her four children together, but this happens rarely. But not only the tragedy of forced to meet, but the Mercantile interests, it will have as brothers to divide the assets. Special lot of inheritance – the family estate. But it turns out that it is bequeathed to the mother of the fifth child — daughter, who was brought up in another family. This serial drama has procured many European countries long before the premiere. The first successful season of family feud has extended the show for another two seasons.

4. «Real people»

The series «Real people.»/ Photo: serialguru.ru2012-2014, 2 seasonsPeople can not do without assistants. They are needed everywhere – at work, in business, in everyday life. Swedish cinema has tried to beat the situation with robotic helpers with a human face and an amazing intellect. They gave life to one powerful Corporation. They are moderately obedient and industrious, and even some very amorous. And it would be all great if in the well-established mechanisms and the circuitry once the error crept in. The series is replete with many relevant social themes: the lack of spirituality, lack of human communication, discrimination of individuals who not like the others. This show and the British «relative» – TV series «Men».

5. «Murder»

The TV Series «Murder»./ Photo: kingofwallpapers.com2007-2012, season 3of the Danish series was so successful that soon after its release it appeared the canadian-American «cousin», who also acquired a lot of fans. An intricate plot develops around a strange and shocking murder of fifteen-year-old girl. Investigation begins, with each new episode is becoming more and more confused. From the point of view of material supply of the series pleased with novelty, as the viewer experiences the story from three different perspectives: the cops leading the investigation, relatives of the dead girl and a candidate for the office of mayor of the town, which fell into the category of the main suspects.

6. «The government»

The Series Is «The Government»./ Photo: ipit.su2010-2013, season 3, the Fans of the TV squabbles like «the Good wife» and «house of cards», which plunges the audience into the world of political intrigue, will appreciate this Danish series. The main character of the show Birgitte Nyborg. Behind an uncompromising race. This courageous woman to the surprise of many wins and becomes the first in the history of the Danish Kingdom the lady who occupied the chair of Prime Minister. Now she is a loving mother and head of government. Little did she know all that’s going through. It is waiting for a political meat grinder, from which it is very difficult to get a spotless person. The series was prophetic. A year after the premiere, the first woman became the Prime Minister of Denmark…

7. «He who kills»

The episode «He who kills»./ Photo: filmdays.ru2011 — season 1In the center of the narrative destiny of Catherine Rice Jensen. She heads the Department of criminal investigation in the Danish capital. Her specialty is cases involving serial killers and rape. She devotes her life to combating such bad people, because she had experienced domestic violence from her stepfather. Her team consists of a psychologist Thomas with a lot of dark spots in the biography, and detective Stig, dreaming in the future take the place of the Catherine.

8. «Code 100»

The Series «100 Code»./ Photo: idiot-daily.ru2015 — season 1is Another fascinating crime story. In the city there was a maniac, leaving behind the bodies of girls, decorated with daffodils. Victims found in different parts of the city. The killer is acting defiantly, as if mocking the local cops. In the Swedish colleagues in new York are sent with help of his experienced in such matters detective Tommy Conley. His tandem with local police, Michael Eklund needs to stop the killings in the once quiet Swedish town.

9. «Secrets Silverado»

Series «Secrets Of Silverado»./ Photo: ipit.su2015 season 1What is the genre of this show? The project is an explosive mixture of intricate mysteries, mysticism and stunning images of the Northern territory. Someone remind series «twin Peaks» and «x-files», the other – recently the successful series «a Very strange case.» The viewer from the first frame is immersed in a mysterious story. The main character is a police Eva gets in a shot.. She comes to his native town, Silverhead. Him Eva has one serious memory. Seven years ago she lost a daughter all this time she was trying unsuccessfully to find. Returning to his hometown, the heroine learns that under similar circumstances, only that the boy went missing. She begins an investigation…

10. «The bridge»

The Series «The Bridge»./ Photo: 108ways.ru2011 — …the years, 4 seasons, the Scandinavian work has raised the bar on crime series on the transcendental level. «The bridge» begins with a unique bridge linking Sweden and Denmark. They found the victim’s body, which is located in equal parts in the territory of two States. This gives grounds to entrust the investigation to an international Duo: the courageous Danish COP Martin Rohde and extravagant investigator from malmö, and at the same time lovely woman «with many cockroaches in my head» Saga of the Norn. The audience will plunge into the gloomy atmosphere, which constantly blows stinging cold. They have to strain and try along with the characters to unravel the tangle of Scandinavian crime. They enjoy doing for four seasons.Fans of the series, we decided to remind you about the 10 most anticipated series of the season 2017.

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