15 pictures from different parts of the Russian Empire in color photographs of Sergei Prokudin-Gorsky

Documentary photography of Prokudin-Gorsky made at the beginning of the XX century.About Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky everyone knows today. Popularity to it has certainly added a film by Leonid Parfenov «the color of the nation». Sergei Mikhailovich was a chemist and was fond of photography. And fascinated so seriously that have substantially improved developments in photography of their famous predecessors. Over time, he started to get decent shots, and not just fixation of reality.Our time has reached about 2000 plates Prokudin-Gorsky. And after the October revolution, they survived only because they managed to smuggle from Russia. Currently they are stored in the Library of Congress.

1. Self portrait

Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorsky — Russian photographer. Georgia, on the river Skrizhali, Orto-Batum, 1912.

2. A local resident

Older Sarthe. Samarkand, 1907.

3. Dzhigit Ibragim

Horseman Ibrahim. Turkmenistan, Bairam-Ali, 1911.

4. Hard work

The water pot. Uzbekistan, Samarkand, 1911.

5. Street vendors

Traders around Registan. Uzbekistan, Samarkand, 1911.

6. Azerbaijani

Azerbaijani woman in folk costume. Azerbaijan, Mugan steppe, 1912.

7. Shashlychny Dvor

Barbecue. Uzbekistan, Samarkand, 1911.

8. The participants in the construction of the railway with the sailors

Group participants in the construction of the railway with the sailors on the pier in Kem-Jetty. Russia, 1916.

9. Panorama of the city of Zlatoust

The North-Western part of the city of Zlatoust. Russia, 1909.

10. One of the most ancient crafts

Carpenter. Uzbekistan, Samarkand, 1911.

11. The students of the oldest educational institutions

Students. Uzbekistan, Samarkand, 1907.

12. Plant cotton in the Murgab estate

The supply of cotton in cotton processing plant in the estate of Murgab. Bairam-Ali. Turkmenistan, 1911.

13. Shop for packing goods

Packing plant. Georgia, Barzhomi, 1912.

14. The girl in dreams

On the veranda in Lugano. Switzerland, 1908.

15. Hay

The hay in the now-flooded Leushinskii monastery. Russia, 1909. And continuing the theme of Bukhara and its inhabitants in photographs of Prokudin-Gorsky made at the beginning of the XX century.

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