20 funny photos of animals, looking at that to smile will not work

The animals photographed in the most unexpected moment.Great shot — a real stroke of luck. Especially when taking pictures of animals. Someone sitting with a camera for hours waiting for the right time and some luck to make this photo by accident. And of course, make for such fun pictures, you need to have a sense of humor!

1. Oh, it’s you taking me?

2. Crunches – get ready for summer!

3. Today I will overcome this wall in three strides, and to insure the sheets are not clean

4. I told you to hush! And feathers there is nothing to dissolve!

5. When my master and passing by the beautiful girls

6. And who said cats can’t fly?

7. Fifty shades of yellow

8. For a couple of seconds before the Ball I realized — bubbles completely not his type

9. A smile is the key to a good mood!

10. Bird? No, not flying

11. Marital status: married

12. Felicitarea…

13. Great place to stay

14. The secret life of Pets — Chloe without makeup

15. Who wants to go out in any weather?

16. This toy is under my protection!

17. Pull back, you are going to take off! Clear the runway!

18. Shy Panda with a reed fan

19. When asked to smile for a photo

20. That awful moment when the water came to a strange object

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