20 original sculptures from around the world who defy the laws of physics

The original statues and sculptures from around the world.Real art is not only impressive and amazing, but also pushes the boundaries and breaks patterns. The sculpture is an excellent way to break down stereotypes. The survey collected sculptures, the existence of which seems impossible, since they question the immutable law of gravity. «How is that possible?!» — and I want to cry when I see these works of art.

1. «Force of nature»

The famous sculpture of Lorenzo Quinny.

2. «EURT»

One of the most unusual sculptures by Daniel Firman.

3. «The book falls»

Amazing book waterfall from Alicia Martin.

4. «Wire fairy»

Amazing wire fairies sculptor Robin Wight.

5. «Floating stone»

A true masterpiece performed by Sabana Abbas.

6. «Coffee kiss»

A bold sculpture by Johnson Tsang.

7. «Throw VI»

The sculpture, which managed to defy the laws of gravity.

8. «Take my lightning but don’t touch my thunder»

The distortion of reality. Author: Alex Chinneck.

9. Bronze «travelers.»

The ghostly image of the famous sculptor Bruno Catalano.

10. «Transition»

Statue modern sculptor Fredrik Raddum, due to its eccentricity.

11. «Shooting a COP»

Incredible sculpture that defies gravity.

12. «Window with a ladder — wait for help later»

The sculpture, soaring into the sky from Leandro Erlich.

13. «Hyperrealistic illusion»

Hyperrealistic illusion of wood from Tom Eckert.

14. Automotive sculptures

Floating in the air of automotive sculpture by renowned sculptor Gerry Judah.

15. «Apeldoornsche Virgo»

Beautiful lady, Elisabeth of Stinstra.

16. Sculptural fantasies

The soaring sculpture of Jerzy Kedziora.

17. «Penateka»

The famous sculpture of Fabian Mörel.

18. «Furniture mountain, the last move»

Surreal installation by Leandro Erlich.

19. «Get in and get your shit together»

Sculptures, which questioned the laws of gravity.

20. «Balancing stones»

Miracles from the balancer Adrian gray.The list of these incredible sculptures can continue and 20 unique works of art that surprised the public in 2016.

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