20 uncomfortable in its frankness photos from provincial Russia

Social photos of Dima Markov.Dima Markov from Pskov provincial Russia photographed on the camera of your mobile phone. His photographs can be seen on Facebook and instagram @dcim.ru. However, not only there. Recently in Moscow at the Sakharov centre hosted the personal exhibition of Dima Markov and appeared uncomfortable in his quiet frankness, the book «#Draft», which is both a matter of respect, interest and a sense of helplessness. Some of their photos to look hard, know what you or someone else can hardly here something to fix.»Enough to sort people into «those» and «these», especially in such a conditional to our country as social welfare. Yes, there are attendant problems, but they in no way divide people into good and bad, smart and stupid, happy and unhappy,» writes Dima Markov on his Facebook page. And he is confident that the place of the heroes of his books could be all of us. Just someone less fortunate.

1. «Winter walk»

The village of Dedovichi in the Pskov region, Russia.

2. «The story of life»

The City Of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.

3. «Spaso-Yakovlevsky Dimitriev monastery»

The City Of Rostov, Russia.

4. «The present moment»

The city of Yekaterinburg in the Sverdlovsk region, Russia.

5. «Black sea»

The City Of Sochi, Russia.

6. «Race to purchasing carts»

The City Of Pskov, Russia.

7. «The red bath»

The City Of Pskov, Russia.

8. «Update student hostel»

The City Of Pskov, Russia.

9. «Boring smenka»

The City Of Pskov, Russia.

10. «Heavy loss»

The city of Pushkino, Moscow oblast, Russia.

11. «The mist»

The City Of Pskov, Russia.

12. «Classic»

Saratov military red banner Institute of the MIA of Russia.

13. «Through the fog»

The City Of Pskov, Russia.

14. «A little corner of the big country»

The City Of Pskov, Russia.

15. «Welcome participants»

The City Of Pskov, Russia.

16. «Winter fun»

City Kostroma, Russia.

17. «Yearning for sun»

The service Department for taking care of bedridden patients in the city of Marx, Saratov oblast, Russia.

18. «The difficult situation»

The town of Marx Saratov region, Russia.

19. «In the heights»

The City Of Pskov, Russia.

20. «Unity and support»

The Republic Of Sakha, Yakutia.Lovers of good pictures will appreciate, and 22 touching photos of animals engaged in their work.

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