5 women from ordinary families, who were the wives of the wealthiest Eastern sheikhs

Women from ordinary families, who were the wives of the wealthiest Eastern Shadowplay, every little girl dreams of becoming a Princess and living in a Palace. And when girls grow up, this dream we have to say goodbye, but some lucky women are able to make dreams come true. We will explain how the lives of women who were the wives of most of these Eastern sheikhs.

Rania Al Abdullah

Oriental beauty Rania al Abdullah./ Photo: the blacklist-tv.netРания could write a book about how to charm the Sheikh and to marry him. Since Dating a girl with her intended before marriage it’s only been 4 months. However, it is not only the wife of Prince Abdullah, who is king of Jordan since 1999, but also an active campaigner for women’s rights, including freedom in the choice of clothing. Rania herself prefers to wear shirts and jeans, and her favorite designer Giorgio Armani. She can appear in public without the traditional women’s headdress and is of the opinion that in the first place a woman needs to be judged on her intelligence and not by appearance. In parallel with the main activity, woman is your channel and blog on the Internet. Despite its principles, attitudes and behavior that are contrary to Eastern customs, Rania quickly won the love of the Prince, his people and the Europeans.Family Rania Al Abdullah./ Photo: woman.GIS used it to built the first center, which provides assistance to children who had been abused by adults. At the same time, this fragile woman Colonel in the Jordanian army. It’s funny, but she was born in the family of an ordinary pediatrician. From an early age, Rania showed great zeal for learning, stand out from other children his tenacity and amazing for child willpower. As an adult, got a job at Citibank, then in a large company «Apple». Your Prince the girl met also at work. Taking the honorary title of Queen of Jordan, her lifestyle has not changed, and most of the time Rania is trying to give the kids. She has four already.

Natalia Alieva

Oriental beauty Natalia Alieva./ Photo: news.boyarka.amarilli on shooting competition in Minsk, the nephew of the Emir of Dubai met a Belarusian student from the Academy of physical education. She was 20 years old and she worked as a waitress. Natalya Aliyeva broke the «record» of the previous beauties, becoming the bride of the athlete, billionaire and politician Saeed al Maktoum — just a few days after meeting.Home male returned with the prize, and with the bride. It is worth saying that by the time he was already married and his hands were 5 heirs. So Natalia became the official second wife of the Prince, and soon the girl gave her beloved daughter. Aisha (the Islamic version of the name Natalie) and still enjoying life in the Islamic Palace, and her favorite pet is not a cat as most women, and a Cheetah.

Fatima Kulsum Zohar

Eastern beauty, Fatima Kulsum Zohar./ Photo: vality.Guido is still not revealed the secret of how a girl from a simple family who won the heart of the king of Saudi Arabia and became his wife. We only know one thing: a husband honored her right to sleep in his chambers, and this to her was able to achieve none of the wives and the numerous inmates of the harem. The Queen has no business public and political life of the state, but among its merits include the organisation of the charity centres. Fatima has a blog and a page on Facebook, where sometimes shares personal photos with your followers.

Sheikha Mozah

Sheikha Mozah — the grey cardinal of the Persian Gulf.The mother of the current ruler of Qatar was listed as the second wife of the Emir. She had no relationship to the Royal family, but was from a wealthy family. Modest pedigree did not prevent her from becoming the wife of Prince of Qatar. Sheikha Mozah has significant social life, willingly communicates with the media takes a number of positions at various levels. This active and varied position in life strongly distinguishes it from other Eastern wives. Its ranks can be a very long list, but each of them helped her to come to the desired — to build an advanced modern state. Sheikha Mozah with her husband.Some politicians are seriously talking about her as the woman who managed to make a revolution in a country where the government seriously only to men. Even in our days, when her husband withdrew from the government and the President is their son, Mose is a very influential woman not only in his country but throughout the world. It is simply impossible not to admire, despite the heavy workload, she finds time to devote much attention to their children. MORE DETAILED…

Lalla Salma

The Oriental Princess Lalla Salma./ Photo: vality.gion was born in Morocco, into a family of ordinary school teachers. When Lille was only three years old, her mother died, and the girl and her sister are easy on the shoulders of the grandmother. From an early age she showed great interest in engineering. Becoming older girl was trained, the training and received the coveted position of engineer. With my future husband the king of Morocco Mohammed the Sixth — Lalla Salma met at one of the private parties. Despite the fact that now the woman is recognized as the wife of the ruler at the official level, her Royal title, alas, does not Shine — are local laws. Lalla often appears at international events, and the press repeatedly emphasized her ability to dress. At home know her as helpful and very compassionate person. Lalla the mother of two children and an avid participant in various charity events and foundations.And way 100 years ago, the inhabitants of the Sultan’s harems, in addition to wives and concubines were eunuchs. In our review of the story the most famous eunuchs who had influenced the history of the Ottoman Empire.

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