8 cats-millionaires and furry stars of Instagram, who conquered the world

Famous cats that have become millionaires.Do not have to Shine their own talents to earn money. As practice shows, sometimes it is enough just to be a cat to become a millionaire. Some cats initially happen to be born under a lucky star and live the rich owners, and some Vice versa — helped their owners to significantly increase their capital. So who are the cats that are literally swimming in cash?

1. Supect

Choupette — Karl Lagerfeld cosla.Little Choupette just got lucky with the owner from the beginning. She has a personal account and three million euros of earnings in the year — to supect such a common thing. Beautiful shot, even for a Japanese brand of cosmetics, for which, of course, also received a large sum of money. But the point is that her boss — and this is none other than Karl Lagerfeld adores his cat, and therefore, even if a cat suddenly does not work out dallasa career without the attention and support she obviously will not be. «She’s the center of the world. If you saw her, you’d understand. She, like Greta Garbo,» says about it himself Lagerfeld.

2. Blackie

Blackie — the richest cat in the world.Blackie is officially considered the richest cat in the world. It even has a corresponding entry in the Guinness Book of records. This pet also lucky with the owner — they were Antiques-millionaire Ben Rea. After his death Ben left his almost 13-million of wealth relatives, and Blackie, one of 15 cats, with whom he shared his home. That cat had to do boring paperwork, the millionaire also left money for three charities, the conscience which laid the care of your beloved pet.

3. Grumpy Cat

Grumpy cat, which brought its owner millions.The fame of Grumpy cat («Grumpy cat») came in 2012. His eternally dissatisfied muzzle helped its owner to earn more than one million dollars — there was even talk of $ 100 million, but such data are not officially confirmed. About kitty written two books named after him drink coffee (Grumppuccino), and t-shirts, mugs, and various other goods to the image Grumpy-cat even impossible to calculate.

4. Tommaso

Italian millionaire Tommaso.Tommaso is another black cat who got a huge inheritance. Italian Maria Assunta picked up a furball on the street. Older Mary was the widow of a successful real estate magnate in Rome. She died in 2011 and left all his fortune — and that $ 13 million — cat. For Tommaso now caring former nurse Mary, who had promised an elderly millionaire to look after the pet before it became known that he would receive all the inheritance.

5. Monty

First, Monty lived in a shelter for animals in Copenhagen, and then it took a loving family that was not only to care for your pet — he was in poor health due to congenital anomalies — but also made him an Internet star. Due to its unusual appearance Monti became one of the most recognizable cats on Instagram. Now his image can be found a whole bundle of different products: from t-shirts and cushions, to pet products.

6. Nala

Cat Nala.Nala has become Insta-famous thanks to its mistress. The girl took the kitten in for shelter, when she was only five months. Now Nala has a private Instagram with numerous photos and videos, and on this account signed by more than 3.5 million subscribers. Now Nalah is 7 years and the main income cat and her owner get a online store that sells an incredible amount of products for cats and motolyubiteley.

7. Lil Bub

Little Lil Bub.In the same way as Grumpy cat, Lil bub was born a dwarf, which led to numerous problems with health, and rather peculiar appearance. From Lil bub short legs, always protruding tongue due to a too short lower jaw, and also missing almost all his teeth. The cat is not able to run and jump, but quite normally goes. When the owner took the cat to the shelter, he was sure it was the cat and he gave the pet a male name. Now, an unusual cat with an unusual name there’s a whole army of fans on the Internet as well as online store, which sells mainly clothes, toys and accessories.


Green-eyed beauty Smoothie.On Instagram beauties Smoothies signed by 1.2 million users, and every new photo or video of this furry feline is a storm of comments praising her beauty. We have also included a Smoothie in our extensive selection of the most beautiful cats from all over the world, which was published in an article titled «Fluffy miracle

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