A funny collage: a Creative look at ordinary things ordinary 20-year-old boy

Joust. Author: Kristian Mensa.Ever notice this that, looking at one thing or another, inadvertently catch myself thinking that it could easily fit into the particular plot? Yes? Then you probably understand why a twenty-year Christian Man (Kristian Mensa) while still a student, fond of creating funny collages improvised. And all anything, Yes here only a simple hobby has brought him enough popularity in social networks.The characters of his works primitive and funny, but that’s what makes them really alive and energized. Just look like a bunch of grapes deftly turns into a rain cloud, and pear transformirovalsya in human body, clip from facelifts becomes a formidable mouth fire-breathing dragon, and the key turns into a crocodile. Hair comb serves as spines for the hedgehog, while a feather becomes a luxurious mane of the unicorn, and the Aster from the flower is transformed into a MOP for washing floors. And such a seemingly ordinary and unremarkable examples of a great many. But the essence of the talent is that Christian able to clearly discern the mood of the subjects, and after masterfully convey their essence, as if twisting from each of them the soul, he plays what he sees.In the shower. Author: Kristian Mensa.Rain over the city. Author: Kristian Mensa.General cleaning. Author: Kristian Mensa.Unicorn. Author: Kristian Mensa.Trumpeter. Author: Kristian Mensa.On the beach. Author: Kristian Mensa.Stylish hairstyle. Author: Kristian Mensa.Dragon. Author: Kristian Mensa.Tribal warrior. Author: Kristian Mensa.Hedgehog. Author: Kristian Mensa.Smile. Author: Kristian Mensa.Cyclops. Author: Kristian Mensa.Mexican musician. Author: Kristian Mensa.Crocodile. Author: Kristian Mensa.The game of Golf. Author: Kristian Mensa.Minion. Author: Kristian Mensa.Keith. Author: Kristian Mensa.Work by Dina Belenko – nothing but the magic of simple things. She created a still life takes the viewer into the tale, charging with positive energy for the whole day, giving a sense of wonder and magic. Websites 4rtgallery.blogspot.com and mrkriss.com
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