A photographer traveled the world to capture endangered animals

A ring-tailed lemur. Author: Tim Flach.In the lens of his camera have visited not only groomed dogs and cats of various breeds, and graceful horses, delights. After all, the legendary photographer Tim Fletch (Tim Flach) putting a lot of effort, managed to capture the inimitable emotions all his «models». This time he surprised fans of his work a fresh portion of the work, which worked for several years. Having traveled halfway around the world in search of new «people» he presented a series of images consisting of amazing animals, whose existence is on the verge of extinction.White-bellied pangolin. Author: Tim Flach.Nosey. Author: Tim Flach.The Golden monkey. Author: Tim Flach.Red Panda. Author: Tim Flach.Spotted Tamarin. Author: Tim Flach.Brown vulture. Author: Tim Flach.The monarch butterfly. Author: Tim Flach.Polar bear. Author: Tim Flach.Beluga. Author: Tim Flach.The African elephant. Author: Tim Flach.Snow leopard. Author: Tim Flach.Fireflies. Author: Tim Flach.Hippo. Author: Tim Flach.Oryx. Author: Tim Flach.Vulture. Author: Tim Flach.The Western gorilla. Author: Tim Flach.The Indian gavial. Author: Tim Flach.The Northern white Rhino. Author: Tim Flach.Marine angels. Author: Tim Flach.The European honey bee. Author: Tim Flach.Antelope. Author: Tim Flach.The Philippine eagle. Author: Tim Flach.The Iberian lynx. Author: Tim Flach.Royal Heron. Author: Tim Flach.Guzinski Ara. Author: Tim Flach.Continuing the theme of animals that live in different parts of the world – 20 wonderful photos from National Geographic contestrecognized the best in the category of «wild nature». According to the website boredpanda.com
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