Alexander Fatyushin and Elena Molchenko: Why the wife of actor blamed his early departure from life

Alexander Fatyushin and Elena Molchenko. The main Director of theatre of Mayakovsky Andrey Goncharov was called Ryazan Marlon Brando, and the audience often associated it with hockey player Sergei Gurin from the movie «Moscow does not believe in tears» and even took his autographs as a member of a national team on hockey. «Spartak» is considered an actor as their mascot and sincerely believed that his presence at a match guarantees them victory. Alexander Fatyushin with great sympathy friends and colleagues, he had a warm relationship with Natalia gundarevoj, and the affair with future wife Elena Molchenko began with sympathy. They lived together for 17 years, and after the early departure of the actor from life of a wife accused in his death.

The bride with a ring, but no offers

Alexander Fatyushin. / Photo: They met at the Mayakovsky theater, where by that time gathered a stellar cast. Alexander Fatyushin at that time was already a star, she just came to the theater after GITIS. And both of them couldn’t be free.Alexander Fatyushin was at that time a lovely woman, a novel which lasted for 15 years. However, she was married and to leave her husband was not planned. Elena actually was for 4 years in a civil marriage with Anatoly khovantsev Lobocki. But it just drew attention to the famous actor, surprised that he to 35 years old never married. Elena Molchenko. / Photo: He showed her the part when during the performance she was injured, with the result that she was cut on half of the face. First he called and asked permission to check on Elena. She refused under the pretext that she really did not want to stand in front of a man in an unfavorable light: the wound on the face has not yet healed.But fetusin apparently already made the decision and was not going to retreat. He called Elena over and heard that she was going to wash my hair before the performance, invited her to him, in normal conditions, as in the Dorm, in his opinion, simply could not be any comfort.Alexander Fatyushin. / Photo: Then the phone calls became frequent, and one day Alexander, having called Elena with him to visit his brother, suddenly introduced to a relative of the actress as his bride. And immediately after the visit without making any sentences, and without building plans, just bought the girl a ring.

Wedding in «the Galaxy»

Alexander and Elena Fatyushina wedding day. / Photo: And yet after some time he came and simply said: «Come with me. Will you be my wife!» And Elena again refused, just blurted out he loves another. The lobotsky did not believe that patulin calls Elena to marry. He did not differ constancy and Molchenko was only one of the women, overjoyed by his love. Actress realized a long time ago and knew there is no future in these relationships just yet. She called Alexander the next day and he just said his name as he said he understood everything and immediately rushed to the hostel and took Elena. Later, lobotsky will accuse Alexander K. in the destruction of his marriage to Molchenko. However, fetusin didn’t even know about this relationship, as Elena didn’t know about his status wife.At the wedding Banquet with Natalia gundarevoj and friends. / Photo: Natalya Gundareva was a little upset to hear about the upcoming wedding of Shushi, as they called it Fatyushina. She’s not too fond of Helen, and the marriage of Alexander on it is not expected.With Fetuchini Elena felt happy and loved. / Photo: Alexander Fatyushin and Elena Molchenko married 15 APR 1986. At the wedding in the restaurant «Galaxy» walked 120 people. Upon entering the house after marrying, they decided never to remember everything that they had in the past. There was no one and nothing, there are now only two – the husband and the wife.

Life is not on display

During the honeymoon the couple visited in Odessa. / Photo: they Have really started a new life. Everywhere they were together, and had the feeling that they could not breathe in each other. The only thing I could not get used to it Elena, it’s the willingness of Alexander to his own departure from life. On their first date, even before marriage he was reading her my poetry about my own funeral. Probably impacted the health of the actor. In 35 years he had ischemic heart disease and chronic pneumonia, exacerbated by every winter. Outwardly, he seemed perfectly healthy, but very often sick, constantly treated. Alexander and Elena Fatyushina. / Photo: www.mtdata.ruОн not afraid of death. Even when, after 50 years, made his first parachute jump. Elena asked him after landing, whether her husband is terrible. He was still reveals a parachute or not. Colleagues, who knew Alexander close, claimed: he began to say goodbye to them for a few years before leaving.

«And every time I say good-bye forever…»

Alexander Fatyushin. / Photo: www.gazeta.ruЗа three weeks before that fateful day, Alexander Fatyushin all of a sudden going to Church for confession and communion, but it was under repair. Shortly before he went home to Ryazan, stopped, as usual, and the house-Museum of Sergei Esenin in Konstantinovo. There he so stridently read «Black man» that tears poured even strangers. He was leaving all that was dear to him.He died on 6 April 1999. Elena and Alexander were in the house alone, when I went to their neighbor. The actor went to watch TV, leaving the women in the kitchen. When she came into the room to invite him to join a small feast, found that the actor had died.Alexander and Elena Fatyushina. / Photo: Elena, having heard about the death of her husband as if petrified. Just poured himself a glass of brandy and drained it at a gulp. Something happened, what Sasha prepared her for all 17 years of marriage.Later many blamed for his death Helen: looking after him is bad, drinking was allowed, alcohol killed him. Just no one even knew about his health problems. She still, even after marrying a second time, celebrates his birthday and will always remember the moment when came the words of his death.Continuing the theme: why Alexander Fatyushin not getting main roles in movies?

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