Alexander Orlov and Alla Budnitskaya: Uneasy happiness of the Director and the actress who knows how to knit sweaters and to lead the restaurant

Alla Budnitskaya and Alexander Orlov. / Photo: Alla Budnitskaya and Alexander Orlov have been together for almost 60 years. She is open and willing to communicate, can talk for hours about his family and wife. He is shy, private and very quiet. In their life there have been joys and sorrows, but Alla Zinovievna and Alexander have managed to cope with all the trials, prepared for their fate, and managed to keep the most important thing in life: the warmth of their feelings and home.

Their personal virgin soil upturned

Alla Budnitskaya in the film «Telegram», 1957. / Photo: Alla Budnitskaya childhood dream of becoming an actress. Even when grandma told her that she looks very heartistically, the girl nose does not hang, asked that the role of Baba Yaga she is definitely amiss. By the end of school the ugly duckling turned into a beautiful Swan, and Alla went to enter the film Institute. Failure she is very upset, but she decided the time not to lose, then successfully passed the exams in foreign languages. For the third year, she accidentally met on the street Ala Lyapidevsky, student of directing Department of VGIK. She told Budnitskii that teachers deeply regrets her failure in the exams. And Alia rushed again towards your dream. And this time, she became a student of VGIK, once on the course Grigori Kozintsev. Alla Budnickaya. / Photo: www.movieassets.comХорошенькая student consistently enjoyed success with the men, she liked the boy from his chair. With his classmate Sasha Orlov Alla became friends and even entrusted him with their secrets of the heart.And then they were sent to the virgin lands in the composition of the student construction team on the front line of the battle for the harvest. By day they worked in the field almost to the point of exhaustion, and in the evening is first passed through the surrounding villages with concerts, and then went to the country club for a viewing of the movie brought. Alexander Orlov. / Photo: Alia in a makeshift movie theater sat next to Sasha, they wrapped themselves in jackets and imagined myself in Kansk film festival. She is Simone Signoret, and he was Yves Montand. So in the quiet of rural romance and their love was born. In the third year Alla Budnitskaya and Alexander Orlov became husband and wife.

Broken hope

Alla Budnitskaya and Alexander Orlov in his youth. / Photo: He had only dabbled in directing, but was never appointed to the role of Alla only because she is his wife. She could get a role in his movie if he was sure that she fits the role. Alla knew it and the very role he never asked for.Alexander Orlov, «a Hero of our time», 1965. / Photo: They were young and in a hurry to live. They had three communal apartment before I was able to redeem with dad actress, cooperative apartment. But still they rejoiced in his happiness. Dreamed about how will appear in their home children. And then Alla got in a terrible car accident, suffered clinical death, then several operations. And forever lost the opportunity to have children. Then she thought that life has ended. She thought that her beloved Sasha will not be able to live in a home without kids because he loves them. But the eagles didn’t even think to leave his wife.

Daughter Dasha

Alla Budnitskaya in the film «the Mystery of Edwin Drood», 1980. / Photo: Alla Budnitskaya has a special gift. She knows how to make friends. Her friends are not many, but they are all loyal, trustworthy and sincere. One of her friends was Mikaela Drozdovskaya. Alla Zinovievna became the godmother of her youngest daughter Darya. The little girl was named Alla mom and loved her very much.Mikaela Drozdovskaya. / Photo: www.syl.ruНезадолго before leaving Michaela to take in Ordzhonikidze, a friend suddenly asked not to leave Dashka if suddenly with it something happens. At the moment Alla only waved at her friend by the hand: whence suddenly such thoughts. A couple of months Mikaela Drozdovskaya has died after a fire broke out at the hotel where she lived. Darya Drozdovskaya as a child with his mother and sister. / Photo: at First, nick and Dasha, the daughter of the deceased actress lived with my dad, a cardiologist Vadim Smolensk. But when he married a second time, the relationship of girls with the second wife did not work. Dasha asked, so mom took her in. And Alla took Daria with the consent of the father. Nick went to live with another mom friend.Daria Drozdovskaya and Alla Budnickaya. / Photo: So have Faith and Sasha had a daughter, and later she gave them grandchildren – Sasha and Dasha. Daria Drozdovskaya loves his foster parents and said that as a result of the tragedy drew his lucky ticket.Grandchildren on the neck of his grandfather: Alexander Orlov Dasha and Sasha. / Photo:

In sorrow and in joy

Alla Budnitskaya and Alexander Orlov. / Photo: friends and Colleagues of Alla Budnitskii and Alexander Orlov characterize their marriage as perfect. Itself Alla Zinovievna says: perfect and cloudless relations do not exist. The main thing in any quarrel, not to deepen it, and to find the necessary compromise. She happily talks about his family, about the books they read with Sasha about their life and home. Alexander Sergeevich does not like to talk about your spouse. Once during an interview he said, «How can I tell, who is part of you. It is immodest». And left.Alla Budnitskaya and Alexander Orlov. / Photo: Ilya Zolkin. To tell was about. In difficult 90-e years when the movie is not filmed at all, many artists lost their jobs, and with it the meaning of life. Alla didn’t give up. At first she was knitting a women’s blouse that friends sold in Paris for unimaginable at the time $ 100. Later, a friend and classmate of Alla asked her to do a restaurant. And she became the General Director of the restaurant «At the grandmother». She just created it from scratch. Thought out design, ordered the furniture, she taught the chefs to cook and stood at the stove. Alla Budnitskaya and Alexander Orlov, with her grandson Sasha. / Photo: the restaurant enjoyed unprecedented popularity among the stars, but getting there without an appointment was impossible. This helped not only to survive the whole family, but also contributed to the return of Alla on the screens as the presenter.The restaurant Alla Zinovievna noticed and invited to broadcast on television. She returned to the profession. Alla Budnitskaya and Alexander Orlov. / Photo: Alla Budnitskaya believes that the strength of the women not in her weakness but in her strength. And yet — a smile. It is impossible to live with a person who is always unhappy. She always looks very nice and is always smiling. Even when it is difficult.When she asked about the secret of family happiness, she says that she just got lucky with my husband and with character.Best friend of Alla Budnickaya — Liya Akhedzhakova, with which they built one house together. In the house, Leah Akhedzhakova , too, found happiness.

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