«American Gothic» wood — painting, which has more than 80 years is the target for caustic jokes and parodies

The famous painting by Grant wood and a parody of it.In Russia the painting «American Gothic» is almost unknown, and yet in America it is truly a national landmark. Written in 1930 by the artist Grant wood, she still excites the minds and is the subject of numerous parodies. It all began with a small house and unusual window in the Gothic style…the Artist Grant wood. Autopartnerconfig artist Grant wood was born and raised in Iowa, he wrote a realistic, sometimes exaggerated, portraits and landscapes on ordinary Americans, rural residents of the Midwest, performed with incredible accuracy down to the smallest detail.It all began with the little white farm-house, with a gabled roof and Gothic window, which, apparently, lived a family of poor farmers. This simple house in the city of Eldon, Southern Iowa, so impressed the artist and reminded him of his childhood, he decided to draw it, but at the same time and those Americans who, according to his ideas, could live in it.The painting «American Gothic»the painting Itself is absolutely uncomplicated. In the foreground on the background of the house is depicted as an elderly farmer with a pitchfork and his daughter in a strict Puritan dress, as models, the artist chose a friend 62-year-old dentist Byron Maccabi and his 30-year-old daughter Nan. For wood this painting was a memory from childhood, is also held at the farm, so some of the personal stories of his characters (glasses, apron, brooch), he purposely portrayed the old-fashioned, the way I remember them from childhood.Quite unexpectedly for the author, the picture has won at the competition in Chicago, and after it was published in the Newspapers, Grant wood immediately became famous, but not in a good way, and Vice versa. His painting did not leave indifferent not one person who saw her, and the reaction from all was extremely negative and disturbed. The reason for that were the main characters of the painting, symbolizing, according to the artist, the simple rural people of the American heartland. Too rough and unattractive look menacing farmer with a heavy look, and his daughter, full of resentment and indignation.»Suggest to hang this portrait on one of our good dairies of Iowa — ironically in a letter to the newspaper, the wife of one of the farmers. — From the expression that woman’s face will definitely turn sour milk«. Kids this picture is really frightened, they were scared scary creepy grandpa with a pitchfork, believing that in the attic of his house, he hid the body.Wood has repeatedly said that his picture has no mockery, no satire, no sinister undertones, just a pitchfork symbolize the heavy farm work. Why did he, who grew up in the countryside, her loving nature and people, to laugh at its citizens?But, despite the endless criticism and negative attitude, painting wood became increasingly popular. And in the years of the great depression she even came to symbolize the national unbreakable spirit and courage.The model depicted by Grant wood, photographed at kardinya house depicted in the painting, made famous the small town of Eldon, which is home to only about a thousand people. Take a look and take pictures around him, tourists come from all over the world.The famous buildingthe monument to the American Gothic in Chicago the late 20th — early 21st century has again sharply increased interest in this picture, which spawned a huge number of parodies on it. Here and ridicule with the use of black humor, and parodies of well-known characters with the substitution of the main characters in the movie, their clothes or the background against which they are depicted.Here are some of them: the Evolution of American societyIs to say that parody is very popular among artists. Including such as humorous pin-up in the spirit of socialist realism.
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