American photographer visited all 15 Soviet republics, to show the West life in the Soviet Union ( part 2)

The photographer visited all 15 Soviet republics to capture the culture and life of peoples of the USSR.American Dean Konger was a photographer for National Geographic and traveled with the editorial jobs all the States in the U.S., Asia and Europe. In the USSR, he visited more than 30 times and photographed for National Geographic magazine. So he told the Western world about the lives of ordinary Soviet people, while avoiding the policy issues and ideology. In this review, a selection of photographs Dean Conger, which was included in his album «Journey across Russia the Soviet Union today.»

1.View of the Tobolsk Kremlin

The only stone Kremlin in Siberia, which is the unique example of Siberian architecture.

2. Snowmobile winter essential

Self-propelled sleigh, equipped with internal combustion engine — an indispensable thing in a fierce winter. Soviet, Khanty-Mansiysk.

3. In Khanty-Mansiysk among children and adolescents has always been a popular hockey

Hockey in the USSR was the second after soccer in popularity and mass character of sport. Soviet, Khanty-Mansiysk.

4. Good catch

Fishermen on the river near Khanty-Mansiysk.

5. Hot meals

In the kitchen, which is located on the barge for the fishermen is preparing delicious ear.

6. The snowy charm

Snowy Mountain-Altaisk in 1975.

7. An avid motorcyclist

A motorcyclist in his Slippers on the banks of the Katun.

8. «The day of the great festival of workers of the world»

On the may day demonstration in Moscow.

9. Graduates dancing in red square

Graduates are resting on the red square in Moscow.

10. Picnic on the lake Teletskoye

After arriving home, Dean often thought of the traditional Soviet hospitality.

11. The construction of a hotel Novosibirsk

In the background, built the most famous building of Novosibirsk 1970-ies.

12. The work of two painters

«There are a lot of women engaged in manual labour — apparently it is the consequences of the heaviest losses during the war.»

13. «No, no pictures!»

Woman at the market in Tashkent, which does not want to take photos of the place where she sells potatoes.

14. A happy childhood

Girl in a summer pioneer camp near Novosibirsk.

15. Future soldier

The young traveler made friends with the soldiers on the train.

16. Sorting logs

Women sort the logs in the channels in the logging, lake Baikal.

17. The Resident Of Bratsk

The resident of Bratsk next to the house that he had built with his own hands.

18. Camping

Hungry for the sun Siberians enjoy a short summer.

19. Scientists from around the world

The best scientists gathered for an informal brainstorming in Akademgorodok in Siberia.

20. Altaian, Eger Irises

Local. And continuing the theme of street photography Vladimir Sychev – the man who first showed West the daily life of the Soviet people .

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