Ancient heritage of wooden architecture: unique European Church built without a single nail

Wooden Church in Europe.Annually in the world hundreds of thousands of faceless buildings constructed of concrete and glass. And the more valuable it becomes wooden architecture, especially temples built by ancient masters. This review presents a unique European wooden Church built several centuries ago.

1. The Church Of The Assumption Of The Blessed Virgin Mary (Poland)

The Church of the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary in Jacobe. | Photo: poznamka.EN.The Church of the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary in Jacobe (southern Poland) called the most oldest and largest wooden Gothic Church in Europe. Presumably it was built in 1388. After 250 years, its area expanded and built a 25-meter bell tower. In subsequent centuries the building was repeatedly subjected to restoration.The Church of the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary in Jacobe. The altar. | Photo: poznamka.EN.In the Church there is a unique altar of the Baroque, Gothic sculptures, frescoes of the XV century. All this magnificence has reached our days almost unchanged.

2. The Stave Church (Norway)

Wooden stave Church (stavkirke), Borgund (Norway). | Photo: unique monument of architecture of the ancient masters are the wooden stave Church (stavkirke), Borgund (Norway). It was built between the years 1180-1200. In the XII century Christianity in Scandinavia still in its infancy, so close to the crosses on the walls of stavkirke is possible to find carved runes, images of dragons. For 9 centuries the wooden Church in Borgund does not change its original appearance.A monument of wooden architecture of the end of the XII century. | Photo:

3. Wooden churches of Maramures (Romania)

Wooden churches of Maramures. | Photo: the North of Romania, is a historical region called Maramures. Its inhabitants for many centuries jealously observe the customs and traditions. The jewel of the region can be called the 8 wooden churches, built in the XVII-XVIII centuries. The isolated location of the property contributed to the preservation of cultural heritage.The unique preserved wall paintings inside the Church. | Photo: architecture of these buildings show the influence of Byzantine architecture and Western style. The most valuable in their churches, local residents believe is very well-preserved wall paintings. In churches of Maramures are still holding services.

4. Greensteds Church (UK)

Greensteds Church is an example of traditional Saxon method of construction. | Photo: Church (St Andrew’s Church), situated in the County of Essex (United Kingdom), also called one of the most ancient. Initially it was thought that it was built in the year 845, but recent dendrochronological studies have shown that the building is at least 200 years younger. In the beginning of XVI century the wooden structure appeared brick extension, and in the seventeenth century white tower.St Andrew’s Church. | Photo: the North side of the Church you can find the hole, which is called «eye for lepers.» In the Middle ages through watching the service of patients with leprosy.

5. The stave Church from Gol (Norway)

The stave Church from Gol (Norway). | Photo: chert-poberi.EN.Another Norwegian stave Church deserves special attention. This original wooden Church was located in Gol. A hundred years ago it was decided to demolish to make way for a new building. Fortunately, the Norwegian king Oscar II not allowed to destroy the ancient structure. It was moved to the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History in an exhibit. The unusual shape of the wooden Church is so popular that around the world you can find a lot of copies of this stavkirke.

6.The Church of the Transfiguration on Kizhi island (Russia)

The Church of the Transfiguration on Kizhi island. | Photo: playcast.EN.The Church of the Transfiguration, located in Karelia, is a part of the temple complex of the Kizhi Pogost. She is considered one of the most beautiful monuments of wooden architecture. The height of the Church is 37 meters, it is decorated with 22 heads mounted on different levels. Iconostasis in the Church with four tiers, it consists of 102 icons.The iconostasis in the Transfiguration Church. | Photo: img1.liveinternet.EN.In Russia, the wooden churches are an integral part of the national heritage. These 15 wooden churches of the Russian North can not westergate its beauty and grandeur.

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