Andrei Myagkov and Anastasia Voznesenskaya: the official novel of a lifetime

Andrei Myagkov and Anastasia Voznesenskaya.Sometimes it is easy to save the marriage for the sake of some higher purpose, but to keep love for a lifetime – is a real talent. Andrei Myagkov and Anastasia Voznesenskaya not just live together for more than half a century. They tenderly look at each other and touching and holding hands. Their love could conquer all adversity.

Student love

Andrey Myagkov. / Photo: www.kino-teatr.orgОн he entered the school-Studio of the Moscow art theatre after graduating from the Institute of chemical technology, and she’s right after school. Andrey Myagkov was older than everyone on the course, Anastasia Voznesenskaya was the youngest. And, by the way, the most beautiful.Anastasiya Voznesenskaya. / Photo: www.kino-teatr.orgОн immediately realized that this is his girlfriend. About any friendship just could not be and speeches. Nastya, thin, fragile, pondered whether it always be with that person. She had a sea of fans, but Andrew sang so beautifully that she first fell in love with his voice, then to walk, and realized in the end that just can’t without it to breathe properly. They began to appear together everywhere: in the classroom, in the student cafeteria, at recess. Andrey and Nastya were always holding hands. And there was something extremely touching and tender.He did not throw the whole world at her feet, he just became her most desired person, the best defence against all adversity and challenges. In the second year they became husband and wife, promising each other to be together in joy and in sorrow, in wealth and in poverty, in glory and oblivion.

The test of glory

Anastasiya Voznesenskaya in the movie «Major Warsaw after graduation of the school-Studio of MKHAT promising graduate Anastasia Voznesenskaya was invited to work in «the Contemporary» Oleg Yefremov. Nastya, without thinking, said that the offer will only be the case if it will take the troupe and her husband. So they became colleagues on the stage.Andrei Myagkov and Anastasia Voznesenskaya in the movie «You wrote to me…», 1976. / Photo: www.kino-teatr.orgЗвезда Anastasia Voznesenskaya swiftly and shone brightly. A year later she became famous thanks to her role as radio operator in the movie «Major Whirlwind». Andrew remained modest theater, filmed scenes. His first big role in «the Adventures of a dentist» went unnoticed, because in wide release, the film was not allowed. It’s amazing, but the quality was not jealous of his wife. He’s just all over her helped. He was not jealous of her fame, not wincing when talked about, as the husband of ascension.

Role reversal

Andrey Myagkov in the role of Zhenya Lukashin. / Photo: www.flashnord.comА ten years later, he became a celebrity of the first magnitude. After the release of «twist of fate» in 1976 about the Soft talking. Its hero Zhenya Lukashin was close and understandable to everyone in the country. In an awkward and charming love with a man everyone can find a particle of himself. A year later, Anatoly Efremovich Novoseltsev continued triumphal procession of the actor. He was out on the streets, was besieged by letters. Andrey Myagkov in the role of Novoseltsev. / Photo: www.moviez.suК this time thank Anastasia Voznesenskaya began to decline, and already Andrew, when he was invited to the shooting, always wanted that with him shot him her. Even if he risked to remain without a job, as happened with the film «Big change». Gossip attributed to him novels with all its partners on the films, and he continued to tenderly love a single.

Invisible link

Andrei Myagkov and Anastasia Voznesenskaya. / Photo: www.mtdata.ruАндрей the softly playing movie clumsy, rustic, clear all of the heroes in my life was the complete opposite. He was able to skillfully handle difficult situations and to resolve any problem. In the family, he has always been a major, Anastasia never thought could be different. After all, he’s older, more experienced, wiser. Next to him she always remained fragile young student in need of care and protection.She cooked him a delicious lunch and watched the time that he ate. When filming Andrew hurt his hand, She immediately called him with questions why he has blood in his hand. He still can’t understand how she could know since nobody called or told about the misfortune.

New realities

They still love to walk holding hands. / Photo:Андрей soft and Anastasia Voznesenskaya today touching holding each other’s hands. They are unable to adapt to the requirements of modern cinema, but was able to maintain a deep inner honesty and his youthful passion.When illness struck her, Andrew did everything to return his beloved to a normal life. In that moment, when he needed heart surgery Andrei, Anastasia lifted up acquaintances and strangers to help him.Andrei Myagkov and Anastasia Voznesenskaya. / Photo:Они both don’t like to give interviews and refuse to talk about his personal life. They just don’t admit it to anyone. Many journalists write that they don’t invite anyone into his house, ashamed of rather modest situation. Perhaps the reason is not modesty in their everyday life, and the fact that the home is indeed their castle. Probably their house too personal to let go of strangers. They do not need anyone in the world that they have created for themselves and their all-consuming love.They never get tired from each other. / Photo: www.fenixclub.comАндрей and Anastasia are just not tired of each other’s company. As in his youth, and continues them to accompany love. Due to the fact that she always supports her husband, he began to paint, beginning with the portrait of his beloved. When they both were fond of reading detectives, Andrey Myagkov began to write them myself. He does everything in the name of love and for love.Andrei Myagkov and Anastasia Voznesenskaya. / Photo: www.triinochka.ruОни have long celebrated the Golden anniversary of their wedding, but still look at each other with incredible tenderness. And the secret of this infinite tenderness is simple and unpretentious: you just need to love. Always, under all conditions, in all circumstances. Andrei Myagkov and Anastasia Voznesenskaya love each other for more than half a century. A sample of the same longevity in love show Oleg Basilashvili and Galina Mshanskaya.

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