Antonio Banderas will play the aging rocker-sexoman in the first crowdfunding project Hollywood

With the help of crowdfunding fans have collected and gathered enough money to widely known Hollywood actor Antonio Banderas, who today does not require extra views, yet played in the new film by Simon West called «salt». In the picture of the popular actor will play the role of an aging rock star who suffers from sexomnia. Today, enthusiasts were already collected 2.7 million dollars.
Of course this is not all the money involved in the project. The amount of 2.7 million was collected with the help of crowdfunding. The film was invested about 120 investors, which together claim 25% of the profit picture. In addition, the film received 14.5 million dollars in outside funds.
In the upcoming picture, Antonio Banderas will play the role of Tarka Henry is an aging rock idol and sex addict, who married the supermodel. In the film, his wife is kidnapped by bandits in South America. Left alone with the fate drink too much, old and fat bass player, onetime superstar of the popular group have their own to deal with criminals in the slums of Santiago.
The basis of the new film will serve as a novel by Mark Haskell Smith, which was published in 2007. The book bears the same title as the next film. Himself Antonio Banderas joked while chatting with the press that finally, in one place, going to cinema, humour and music. It is believed that the first in the history of Hollywood «crowdfunding» the film will bring in rental of not less than $ 50 million. If the project is successful, modern cinema could begin a new era when movies will create and «order» their own potential audience.

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