Artist Vasily Slonov has congratulated Russians with the election of Putin «Cotton Jdoom»

Original, unconventionally decided to congratulate with the election of all the inhabitants of the Russian Federation Vasily Slonov – artist-postmodernist from Krasnoyarsk. He opposite the Kremlin decided to sit Iduna, who is dressed in jacket. A fictional character looks at everything astonished eyes.’
According to Vasily Slonova, who made a statement in the social network Facebook, this Idun padded jacket long awaited elections and blesses the new President for the next six years of ruling the country. Very quickly information about this unusual creature spread across the Internet, where he was given the name Edun-2024.
The first Edun was created by Margarita bath Brefort – artist from the Netherlands. And it was in 2016. This unusual creature has become especially popular among residents of the Russian Federation over the past year, it is a symbol of confusion, anticipation, and bewilderment.
Artist Vasily Slonov, who decided to dress Iduna in the jacket, known for his rather unusual work. These include a project called «Jackets of the Apocalypse», which opened the XI Museum Biennale in Krasnoyarsk, held under the title «the Practice of contact.»
In 2015, this artist in Krasnoyarsk on the square, located in the historic centre of this city, was held the installation of «Big cotton heart of the Motherland.» Even Slonovi was created an object of art «Birth coat» and developed a concept called «Siberian garden cotton stones.»
Fame to the artist, presenting his project in 2013 before the Olympic games, which were held in Sochi. In this project, the artist has depicted Cheburashka in a malevolent creature, and the Olympic rings decided to present as the hinges of the gallows and barbed wire. The exhibition was presented in Perm in the course of the festival «White nights» and caused a storm of indignation. Local authorities immediately decided to close the exhibition, but also to blame Slonova in the extremism case on such charges to have failed.
For the FIFA world Cup 2018 were developed another project – «birch» condom. Inspired by the artist handing out condoms during the last Olympics, but decided that we should be Patriotic and not to use imported goods, and to produce their means of contraception. He also noted that there are private investors who will embody the idea into reality, because the creation of such products nothing complicated just need to combine black and milky latex.
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