As the Caucasian highlanders chose their wives, and what girl risked to remain without a husband

The Caucasian mountaineers very carefully approached to the choice of wives.For many centuries the inhabitants of the Caucasus are living at the crossroads of different cultures that often become the reason of international conflicts. In such circumstances, particularly acute problem of the survival of the family and procreation. Although today a relationship that become the norm in many European countries, Caucasians in marriage remain faithful to the traditions, while presenting to my future wife, very strict requirements.So, what we will try to understand what girls in the Caucasus are at risk to remain in vekovogo.

Ladies casual behavior

Costume Azerbaijani women. | Photo: kavkaz-costume.blogspot.EN.In the cultures of many Nations quietly taken to relate to the fact that unmarried women are Dating someone and enter into an intimate relationship. But the Caucasus is excluded. Even a widow can not afford to have a «friend». Strict morality will exclude any sex before the wedding, and for violating the unwritten laws often shed the blood of girls of her lover.

Educated and independent

Azerbaijanis in national costumes. | Photo: wlooks.EN.Educated girls were not considered in the Caucasus good wives. After all, a wife might prefer a career to a household, and the husband may not listen always. In some places the prejudice is alive and in our days. In many villages, for girls who received the diploma about higher education, the traditional ransom (dowry) is much less than for those who did not sit at the textbooks.


Armenian girl in national costume. Prokudin-Gorsky S. M., 1905-1915 | Photo: inhabitants of the Caucasus, often with great difficulty, fought for the survival of his kind. So the wife of a Highlander could only be the girl who was considered healthy and able to bear many children. Any defects or ailments could prevent the wedding.

Divorced and widows

The woman-the Georgian. Prokudin-Gorsky S. M., 1905-1915 | Photo: kavkaz-costume.blogspot.EN.Until the twentieth century divorced women have Caucasian highlanders were not popular. Wife preferred to take the young and virtuous girls. However, the man could take into his house the wife of the deceased brother, as it was considered a sign of respect to the deceased.


Beautiful young Ossetian. | Photo: wlooks.EN.Today on the territory of the Caucasus is inhabited by over 50 peoples still retain their individuality. This was possible thanks to a long tradition not to take the family to a stranger. Whatever the man was not in love, his family will face a possible marriage with someone from another culture. It is fraught with the inevitable disruption of lifestyles and further quarrels with the daughter-in-law.Man-Dagestan with his wife. Prokudin-Gorsky S. M., 1905-1915 | Photo: kavkaz-costume.blogspot.EN.As you can see, a man from the Caucasus is not easy to choose a wife. But whoever finds their «soul mate» could repeat the success of an elderly couple who celebrated 96 years of happy family life.

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