As the famous traveler Miklukho-Maklay got a double surname and was able to survive among the savage cannibals

Nikolai Nikolaevich miklouho-Maclay and the Papuans of New Guinea.Many have heard about the Russian traveler Nikolai Nikolaevich Miklukho-Maclay, who went to another Land and lived for several years among the Papuans. He studied their culture and way of life, as well as the flora and fauna of New Guinea. But all this could not be, after all, the famous ethnographer of the local savages almost ate.Portrait Of N. N. Maclay. Alexei Korzukhin, 1886. | Photo: school Nikolai N. Miklukha was not considered a gifted student, even twice stayed at the second year of study. However, he was able to enter the prestigious Heidelberg University, then attended lectures at Leipzig and Jena. There he met philosopher and biologist Ernst Haeckel. Haeckel invited the capable young man to take part in a scientific expedition. In 1866-1867 the years they travelled Madeira and Canary Islands. Ernst Haeckel and Nikolai Miklukha in the Canary Islands, 1866. | Photo: expedition of two teachers and two students studied fish and other marine life. Miklukha he even discovered a new species of sponges. Returning teachers and students in different ways: some went through Paris, Mikluha with a partner bought the costumes of the Berbers and went to Morocco. Probably, it was there, in the Sands of the dark Continent, the young Russian scientist has an interest in anthropology. Staged photography.GN N. Maclay the Australian Studio, 1880. | Photo: returning to Jena, he published his first scientific work about some features of the anatomy of sharks. It was signed double surname: Maclay. The scientist himself in his notes left about it any explanation, but his heirs have several versions. On one of them, someone in their family «crossed» with a Scotsman by the name Maclay. Another, more plausible, is that, having opened a new species of sponge, Mikluha attributed to its name the abbreviation of his name Mcl. And there was the same «Maclay».Being a man of humble origin, Mikluha ashamed of it. Therefore, doubling the surname in the Polish style (and mother of Nicholas Miklouho was Polish), he made it more «presentable». Dismissing rumors about his nobility, Maclay eased their way into the scientific world, as aristocrats was much easier to get funding, to get in the expedition.Nikolai Nikolaevich Miklukho-Maklai in the journey to Egypt and Arabia. 1869. | Photo: peremeny.EN.Soon Nikolai Miklukho-Maclay went on a trip to Italy, and then in a journey across the Egyptian desert to the Red sea. Risking his life, he even tried to get into the sacred for the Arabs to Jeddah. Meanwhile, a young traveler has contracted malaria, and owed his friends a large sum of money.Russian Corvette «Vityaz'», where N.N. Maclay went to New Guinea. | Photo: warships.EN.After returning home, Maclay joined the Russian geographical society, made useful contacts and was able to organize an expedition across the Pacific ocean. In November, 1870, on Board the 17-gun Corvette «Vityaz» the traveler went on a long voyage. Along the way he has conducted a number of studies of flora, fauna, climate, bought gifts for the natives: knives, axes, cloth, needles, soap, beads.20 Sep 1871 Vityaz ‘ moored in the Bay of Astrolabe at the North-Eastern coast of New Guinea. When the ship gave a salvo to greet the crowd of Papuans, they were afraid and fled.The first meeting of the Maclay with the Papuans. | Photo: Papuans Of New Guinea. | Photo: held the first acquaintance of Nikolai miklouho-Maclay with the natives already on the ground. To establish relations with the locals, he went to the village Gorando inhabited by savage cannibals. Seeing the white man, they began to threaten, threw spears, shot bows under the feet. To survive in such a situation seemed almost unreal. What did Russian traveler? He spread a Mat, lay on her and pointedly fell asleep.Maclay’s pretending to sleep surrounded by Papuans. | Photo: travelask.EN.When the scientist opened his eyes, he saw that the Papuans had lost all martial ardor. The savages, seeing a person who does not afraid, has decided that he is immortal. Moreover, the natives thought it a real God. Of course, nobody was going to dissuade them otherwise. Nikolay Miklukho-Maklay again surprised the Papuans. Once he showed the natives how to burn the alcohol. He explained to the savages, if you want, you will be able to burn and the sea. After this, naturally, feared and respected even more. 10-year-old Nala and adult Papuan God. N. N. Maclay, 1872. | Photo: of the Papuans, made of trees and leaves. N. N. Maclay, 1870. | Photo: was only the beginning of the first expedition of the Russian traveler in the land of New Guinea, from which he brought a wealth of ethnographic and anthropological material, as well as collections of plants and animals of this tropical island on the other side of the world, who will find something to surprise. The Papuans of New Guinea there are still many shocking practices that understand not everyone.
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