«Begin the Beguine»: the incredible tap Eleanor Powell and Fred Astaire

«Begin the Beguine»: the incredible step of Elinor Powell and Fred Astaire.It is safe to say that the musical melodrama «Broadway melody of 1940», shot by Director Norman Tauriga in 1940 gained immense recognition worldwide owing to the fact that in the main roles starred movie stars Fred Astaire and Eleanor Powell. Their dancing has given this love story a special touch.The musical melodrama «Broadway melody of 1940» not only became one of the most popular films for years, but has set several records. So, a comic scene with circus juggling balls and plates were in the top 100 of the most ridiculous shots of Hollywood. Secondly, for this film the famous composer Cole porter created his best song, which later entered the repertoire of world jazz stars. And thirdly, all the music scene of this film (and the film it was eight) went worldwide on vinyl and later on CD-ROM. And of course, one of the most popular rooms — an incredible step Eleanor Powell and Fred Astaire.
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