Behind the scenes of the film «Scarlet sails»: Vasily Lanovoy has repeated the act of captain gray to his wife

Vasily Lanovoy and Anastasiya Vertinskaya in the film *red sails*, 1961 | Photo: kino-teatr.ru16 Jan is 84 years famous theater and cinema actor, people’s artist of the USSR Vasily Lanovoi. One of the first roles that brought him incredible popularity, was the role of captain gray in the film «Scarlet sails». Few know that the actor brought this story not just on screen but in real life, having for his wife a romantic hero on the ship with scarlet sails.Vasily Lanovoy in the role of Arthur gray | Photo: kino-teatr.giv cinema Vasily Lanovoy debuted in 1954 – then he played the title role in «matriculation». Three years later came the film that brought the actor the first high-profile popularity and secured him a heroic and romantic roles – «Pavel Korchagin». For the shooting of «Scarlet sails» he was young, but already quite a famous actor. Samples 26-year-old Lanovoi was so compelling that no other candidates for the role of Arthur gray had not even considered. The son of illiterate peasants, surprisingly, had an innate aristocracy and looked like a real Prince, so there was no doubt.Vasily Lanovoy in the role of Arthur gray | Photo: kino-teatr.gianter recalled: «I work in «Scarlet sails» starred in the films «matriculation», «How the steel was tempered». I already knew and loved. And when I went to audition, I was sure that he would do the gray is my role. It turned out a beautiful film about loyalty to the dream! And what a wonderful team you have Ptushko!«. However, in this work the actor was not very satisfied – according to him, the Director failed to reach the full depth of the novel by Alexander green: «He took it like a story, and you as a parable, and then there would be a film not for children, but for adults«.Anastasia Vertinskaya as Assol | Photo: kino-teatr.ruAnastasia Vertinskaya as Assol | Photo: kino-teatr.giantris the role of Assol couldn’t find for quite a while. When it was approved by the Moldovan aspiring actress, artistic Director Levan Shengelia led to the set 16-year-old Anastasia Vertinskaya – along with her sister Marianne and mother Lydia Vertinskaya he accidentally met on the street. From the first glance he realized that before him – a real Assol. However, the Director to convince this was not immediately apparent – the girl came in sweat pants and with short hair that didn’t match the image of a romantic heroine. But in front of the camera the Transfiguration took place, and Ptushko not regret your choice.Anastasia Vertinskaya as Assol | Photo: from the movie *red sails*, 1961 | Photo: Vertinskaya was dissatisfied with his work and still does not like to remember about this film: «I do not know what they were doing, was just trying to comply with all instructions of the Director. Besides, I do not close and the very image of romantic Assol, who dreams of the impossible«. The actress did not like his debut film and that he «made her famous, and made it impossible to walk the shops«. Because of filming this movie, she began to fall behind in school, and she had to transfer from regular schools in Chernyy school for working youth.Frame from the movie *red sails*, 1961 | Photo: kino-teatr.goalie sails in the shot were not able to do al. The operator Viktor Yakushev said: «the film Quality was not as high as it is now, and scarlet was brick. Finally found a way: fixed on the camera, several special filters to capture color. And the sails turned scarlet! We were lucky in the first day of shooting: just turned on the camera blew the breeze, and the sails are nicely inflated! Well, we managed to capture this shot. Silk soon became corrupted from sea salt«.Fabulous village Caperna built in the Eastern part of the village | Photo: scenery on the Yalta quay | Photo: movie scenes filmed in Yalta and Koktebel, where he built a fairy village Caperna. And large-scale decorations, representing a fabulous city and Zurbagan, Liss, built directly on the seafront of Yalta. Castle grey was filmed in Vorontsov Palace in Alupka.Frame from the movie *red sails*, 1961 | Photo: from the movie *red sails*, 1961 | Photo: kino-teatr.giv the late Arthur gray says: «If the human soul longs for a miracle to make it. The new soul will be his and new – you«. And such a miracle Vasily Lanovoy has been made not only on screen but also in life. He decided to repeat his hero, to please his second wife, Tamara Sablove.Vasily Lanovoy in the role of Arthur gray | Photo: newrezume.oddly scarlet sails took about 2000 meters of scarlet silk, which was the pioneer for tailoring neckties. After the purchase of the barkentina «alpha» went to the Crimea, where the shooting took place. Sails had to wear in Koktebel, but Vasily Lanovoy persuaded the captain to do this in Yalta, where at that time was his wife. The actor said: «…I suggested to the captain Dvorkin: «Let’s surprise the vacationers in Yalta, and at the same time trying out new sails», and somewhere in the area of foros we put them on, rose… Beauty was incredible! You should see Yalta, when we appeared in her target – the city was like a disturbed anthill. People ran, jumped, a lot of squealing around was… When I went ashore in the sanatorium «Actor», the wife said, «You woke Yalta». It is really unbelievably cool, and I think from time to time all women such sails need«. Unfortunately, their happiness was short-lived – soon the second wife of actor died in a car accident.Frame from the movie *red sails*, 1961 | Photo: kino-teatr.ruVasily Lanovoy and Anastasiya Vertinskaya in the film *red sails*, 1961 | Photo: kino-teatr.gefilm «Scarlet sails» has received high ratings from professionals, the Director was criticized for being too bright, «market» color, for excessive straightness of the stroke, too heavy for the actors of the second plan. However, the audience the film enjoyed great popularity, thanks largely to the actors who performed the main roles. In the first year it was watched by 22 million people.Frame from the movie *red sails*, 1961 | Photo: ria.sicheres some time, the actor married a third time, and this marriage held many trials. Vasily Lanovoy and Irina Kupchenko: the thorny road to happiness.
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