Born in the wrong time: Why Yuri Yakovlev said that he played in the movie, not the roles

One of the most popular Soviet actors Yury Yakovlev | Photo: and teleprogramma.pro25 April marks the 90th birthday of the famous actor Yuri Yakovlev. Unfortunately, for 5 years, its no among the living. Films with his participation have become classics of Soviet cinema: «hussar ballad», «Irony of fate or With light steam!», «Ivan Vasilyevich changes profession.» It would seem that with such a creative biography to be sorry about. But despite the incredible popularity among the audience, the actor himself believed that all my life I played at all those heroes. Although some of his ancestors were not nobles, he looked in life and on screen and on stage as a hereditary aristocrat. Yakovlev said that he was not born of his time, and as the stars feel very uncomfortable.Actor in his youth | Photo: kino-teatr.hereditary Yuri Yakovlev was far from the world of cinema – his father was a lawyer and her mother a nurse. He himself had not planned to become an actor, choosing between international relations faculty of the Moscow state University and VGIK, but decided to try my luck. Luck did not smile on him – at the entrance examinations he was called neinogennye. But in the Shchukin school Yakovlev took, though he at first there didn’t show – the first course is finished with two for acting. Perhaps his life would have turned out very differently if he did not join actress and teacher Cecilia Mansurova, stating that he sees his potential and is ready to work with him. And she was right.Yuri Yakovlev in the film *ordinary summer*, 1956 | Photo: aif.ruThe actor in the image of Prince Myshkin, 1958 | Photo: aif.dipole graduation, Yuri Yakovlev became an actor Academic theater named after E. Vakhtangov, where she worked for the next 60 years. In the movie he debuted in 1953, but the real popularity brought him the role of Prince Myshkin in «the Idiot». With his innate intelligence he was so organic in the way that many have called this work the peak of his career, and many critics still consider Prince Myshkin, the only role of Yakovlev commensurate with his talent. About this job the actor said: «to Know started after the movie «Idiot». You walk down the street people turn around, giggle and tell each other: «look, look, the idiot went«. However, the all-Union fame came to him after starring in the film by Eldar Ryazanov and Leonid Gaidai. Frame from the movie *nowhere Man*, 1961 | Photo: kino-teatr.ruYuri Yakovlev in the film *hussar ballad*, 1962 | Photo: kino-teatr.giral Hippolytus in «twist of fate» was originally intended for Oleg Basilashvili. The actor has already auditioned and been approved, but was forced to withdraw from filming due to the death of his father. Yuri Yakovlev said: «I’m in the story completely by chance, got involved, and for life… I absolutely did not expect that epizoda the role of Hippolyta would be such a success… I have this movie I can’t watch. However, sometimes I come across it when watching TV, but then turn off a minute or two look and all… My attitude towards Hippolyte – it’s from the vanity. When the painting was held in the New year, I just could not walk from his house to the theater. It was nice, what can I say. But the fact that I have a much more interesting and deep roles, by which simply pass. The same Steve Oblonsky. No one knows him. And this is one of my favorite roles, I adore this man. We are soul mates«.Yuri Yakovlev in the film *Anna Karenina*, 1967 | Photo: dianov-art.ruBarbara Brylska and Yuri Yakovlev in the film *the Irony of fate or With light steam*, 1975 | Photo: teleprogramma.proFrame from the movie *the Irony of fate or With light steam*, 1975 | Photo: aif.gildar Ryazanov was very grateful to Jacob for his generosity – not every actor of his level would take the role, knowing that at the last moment came to substitute another actor to which the role was originally proposed. But that was the whole Yakovlev, and for that he was respected Directors and colleagues. Ryazanov said,»And I must say that Yura did what very few people would have done… his hand had no ambitions, no talking. He came in, tried on costumes, made-to Basilashvili. They win him on the nose, they have the same size. And Jura on the following day he began to act…«.The role of Ivan the terrible had to do Yuri Nikulin | Photo: anews.comFrame from the movie *Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation*, 1973 | Photo: tele.upravdoma Bonsu and Tsar Ivan the terrible also had to play Yakovlev – starring in his film «Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation» Leonid Gaidai’ve only seen Yuri Nikulin. Samples were also Yevgeny Yevstigneyev, Georgy Vitsin, but they for some reason refused to shoot. This role Yakovlev received by chance, and as a result created one of the most brilliant and beloved by the people heroes.Frame from the movie *Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation*, 1973 | Photo: tele.dipole films «Irony of fate» and «Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation» to the actor struck incredible popularity, which he was not happy: «By nature I’m terribly shy, timid person who does not like publicity, I hate parties and never do not have them. Shy always and everywhere – in relationships with women, too, although there have succeeded – I have had three marriages. As with a natural shyness, I became an actor, I don’t know… Loneliness helps because it is very difficult to be kept in mind. That makes life very difficult. Very tiring all the time like it!«.Yuri Yakovlev in the film *Carnival*, 1981 | Photo: kino-teatr.ruFrame from the movie *kin-DZA-DZA!*, 1986 | Photo: kino-teatr.Ginestra that these characters in his performance became legendary, and their phrases have become aphorisms, Yuri Yakovlev could not shake the feeling that life doesn’t play those roles. Comic characters and people «of the people» in fact was not close to him. In his later years the actor admitted that he felt «at ease» not only in film, but in this era if he had been born in the wrong time: «Each of us understands that he is in his or her own. I know exactly what got into her. Had to live in the second half of the XIX century. And I play all the time and not those who I needed to play. But contact happened. Completely accurate, wholly – Stiva Oblonsky in «Anna Karenina«.People’s artist of the USSR Yuri Yakovlev | Photo: aif.giv the last time Yuri Yakovlev appeared on screens less often – he found his place in the new film, where lots of things seemed alien to him: «…now the young and popular — those who starred in the TV shows and glows on the cover, not shy behind the scenes, by the way, with humor to call themselves stars… an Epidemic of some kind: to hold freely, outside basic rules of decency, as sometimes some of the young artists at rehearsals, before even the most brilliant of the elderly currently not allowed. Many stars, actors no… People have changed, as has many faces-masks with empty eyes, as much indifferent eyes betrayed their native traditions«.One of the most popular Soviet actors Yury Yakovlev | Photo: the scenes of the famous film starring Yuri Yakovlev remained a lot of interesting: Why do some episodes of the film «Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation» have not been censored.
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