Brazil is not just coffee and carnival: exposing the most popular stereotypes

Walter lang debunks the stereotypes about Brazil.»Priests are the Brazilians really impressive, but the monkeys on the street do not see, for it is better to go to the zoo» — so began his story Walter lang (Walther Lang), Brazilian, whom we asked to comment on stereotypes about his Homeland. Walter on one half Italian, the other Austrian, but was born and raised in Sao Paulo, the largest business centre of the vast overseas countries. Scanned the list of the prepared questions, he smiled genuinely: much has been far from the truth, but some of the assertions of our readers have been amused.Walter lang — dizayner from Brazil.Walter 41, by profession he is a designer, now working in the computer games industry. On the Cultural studies page on the social network Facebook signed up after I started to study Russian. Although our interview still took place in English, the language of Pushkin and Lermontov, the Brazilian is very hard.

So we started our survey. Is it true that…

1. Everything from small to large all day drinking coffee?

Coffee plantations in Brazil.Brazil is the largest producer of coffee, so this drink here like and know how to cook. However, unlike America, you will never see the variety of coffee drinks in large glasses. The norm for us – this is a tiny Cup of espresso or Americano. Brazilians do not drink too much coffee: coffee ends the meal in the restaurant, the staff in the office always has a coffee machine, in large companies, twice per day coffee waiter carries. Coffee is a symbol of Brazil.Unfortunately, despite the great quality and excellent taste of the coffee in Brazil is practically impossible to find cozy coffee shops, the kind that I have seen in Europe or the Ukraine during travel.

2. All the Brazilians are very impressive priests?

Charming Brazilian.For the most part, Yes, for our women typical impressive priests. Interestingly, this feature is characteristic even for the majority of Japanese living in Brazil (not to forget that our country is home to the world’s largest community of Japanese). By the way, an expression such as «Brazilian butt», in everyday life we are not, of course.Rita Cadillac — a sex symbol of Brazil.Ideal for most Brazilians was and still is an actress, popular in the 1970-ies, — Rita Cadillac. We remembered the original request: when I die, put my body in the coffin, put it on your stomach. To those who came to say goodbye, I saw the most precious thing I have — my ass.

3. The boys from dawn to dusk playing football in the street?

The boys are playing football in the street.In part, it is, almost every boy in his childhood loved to play football. By the way, I’m not, but even among friends in his youth because of this looked weird. We have many parks in almost every field for playing football, basketball, section of exercise equipment and a Jogging track along the beach. By the way, on the beaches in recent years the popularity of the game of footvolley. It appeared, I think, in the 1970-ies on Copacabana beach, this is a special mix of playing on the volleyball court, but the rules of football. Yard football game.

4. Guarana and Coca Cola is the favorite drink of Brazilians?

*Slave Isaura* — sensational Brazilian serialas Cola is the leader in sales in Brazil, it’s true, in second place – do guarana. Guarana for us is pride. Before leaving on travel, I miss her taste. By the way, guarana local children drink from an early age, each birthday you will definitely see this drink and the cake.

5. In Brazil, all love soap operas and best TV shows sent to Russia?

*Slave Isaura* — the acclaimed Brazilian TV series.About Russia I can not say exactly know what «Slave Izaura» looked the whole world, including the Russians. TV series – entertainment for the poor or the middle class, the richer people prefer more interesting leisure. By the way, the most successful TV shows, we often sell to Portugal, which is not surprising.

6. The Brazilians at the sound of the music immediately start to dance even on the street?

Dancing in the street.Yes, it’s true, we are a dancing nation. Particularly common dance in the North of the country, in El Salvador. For example, the carnival in Rio de Janeiro lasts five days, and here in El Salvador – begins 10 days before the official opening and continues for 5 days longer. There really like to dance, and, by the way, constantly coming up with new directions – Ashe, Foho, frevo, olodum and others. Samba is popular in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo you’ll see the pagoda.Dancing in the street for us, a common occurrence during the holidays. For example, in the New year on Copacabana beach dancing, several million people – an impressive sight. Or, for example, in a quarter of Rio’s hundreds of people dancing not only inside but also near the open restaurants with live music. It is believed that the more dancing, the better the institution.

7. The most popular dish in Brazil is beans and rice, and churrasco

The churrasco: meat cooked on a spit.Yes, that’s right. On holidays or just on weekends, we often also eat feijoada, a dish of dark beans and rice. This garnish is served with the braised meats. On top of all this sprinkled with a special powder, which we call farofa. In General, this dish was invented by the African slaves: they were fed beans, and to it they added the rest of the meat that was left from the dinner of the host. Today, of course, the dish was modernized and served in almost all cafes and restaurants.Feijoada: a standard portion for two.

8. Plastic surgery for Brazilian women is most common?

Plastic surgery for breast augmentation is very popular among brazilianca, and this is also true. Interesting fact, the summer in the clinics remains implants for breast augmentation, so many transactions take place. So scarce surgery women are recorded in advance.

9. Capoeira can also be seen on every corner?

Brazilian capoeira.No, it is not. Capoeira can be seen only in the North of the country, and in tourist areas. In El Salvador, for example.

10. In Brazil don’t like to read books

A bookstore in Sao Paulo.Unfortunately, it’s true. We have you will not see people on the subway with books, as is common in Russia. But for those who still loves to read, we have great bookstores, with outdoor areas for reading. You can go there just to have a good time. But we have cheap, printers are exempt from tax when purchasing paper, it allows to significantly reduce the cost of printed materials.Shelf with children’s books in the store.

11. Very high crime rate? A car is necessary to close even from the inside.

In Brazil you always need to be alert.Yes, it’s true, in Brazil you need to always be alert.

12. No need to wear jewelry – bracelet with a hand cut off.

In Brazil it is dangerous to wear jewelry.Of course, it’s not that dramatic. In Rio de Janeiro, são Paulo or Salvador in tourist areas you can feel relatively safe on the streets of many police. But in the favelas (slums) it is better not to go.

13. Everywhere bananas and coconuts and they are very tasty?

Coconut water quenches thirst, and for dessert — coconut pulp.Yes, Brazil is a fruit country. For example, only bananas we have distributed at least five species. Too many coconuts, coconut water quenches your thirst. Except bananas and coconuts on the streets, you can see a lot of watermelons, pineapple, papayas, lemons and oranges.Street vendor pineapple.The variety of bananas in a street market.

14. As they say in the movies, in Brazil many wild monkeys?

In Brazil, 77 species of monkeys, but they can be seen only in zoos.No monkeys on the streets you will not meet, except for the rare exception. Wild animals like the silence. However I do see a lot of monkeys, you should go to the state of Amazonas.To see the monkey in the city — a great success.

15. Tourists and the white man in the slums is better not to go because it is dangerous to life?

Favelas in Rio de Janeiro — dangerous neighborhoods where it is better not to meddle.Yes, it is true, to enter in the favela is really dangerous, but this isn’t solely «white» or «tourists». This rule applies to all, regardless of status, colour or any other factor.

16. All Brazilians always strive to get to the carnival?

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.No, of course. From childhood, we hear a performance of Samba, see the performance of schools. The carnival entertainment for the poor, for others it’s just a great opportunity to take a week off before beginning a busy season.The Samba school during the performances at the carnival.We thanked Walter for the interview, and finally, he promised to tell about what surprised him during a trip to Eastern Europe. Says sensation first in his life, snow was simply unforgettable!P. S. by the Way, when Brazilians talk about yourself, always add some blood mixed in them. Effect story, because the population is entirely immigrant. Interestingly, there are no prejudices on the subject of mixed marriages, mixed race is common. Kuyantseva Oksana and Walter lang specifically for kulturologia.rubrazilski About the carnival in Rio know everything, but that’s about the parade of payphones in San Paolo did not know all Brazilians. But it’s really an interesting spectacle.

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