British artist creates inspiring installations of stones, branches and fallen leaves

Ephemeral art from British artist James brunt.Someone of creative people are inspired by beautiful places, some beautiful women and others looking for inspiration in nature and create amazing creations using the most seemingly familiar materials. Here the British artist James Brant creates impressive installations of leaves, grass, stones. But it is better to see once…

1. «Balancing stones»

British artist James brunt (James Brunt) from Yorkshire creates amazing and awe-inspiring installations.

2. «Stone spiral»

Exposure James Brant are placed directly outdoors in the woods or on the ocean.

3. «Range of shades»

When creating his masterpieces of the British artist uses everything under his feet – leaves, stones and branches.

4. «Magic pattern of shells»

Installations from natural materials are always seamlessly integrated in the surrounding location.

5. «The beating heart of the forest»

Most of the art objects that are created by a talented artist, there are very long.

6. «Source of life»

Gusts of wind or a sudden wave can easily destroy the work of James brunt.

7. «Stone tendrils»

In order to preserve the memory of their works, the British artist makes their pictures.

8. «Mosaic of leaves and sticks»

But it was such a short «life expectancy» created the art facilities and mesmerizing James brunt.

9. «Boundary circles»

Its inspiration the artist draws in nature, which never ceases to surprise.

10. «Concentric circles»

Pattern of autumn fallen maple leaves laid out on the ground.

11. «Miracles balancing»

The graceful tower of stones, found by the artist at a local beach.

12. «The hidden side»

James Brant shows people that any object – be it twigs or shells, have artistic value.

13. «Ephemeral art»

The creation of one of the art object from the artist from Yorkshire takes no more than 2 hours.

14. «The forest»

All component parts for its fascinating works of James collects close to the generated pattern.

15. «Ancient stones»

Spiral, carefully lined with wet stones in the middle of a forest river.

16. «A panel of autumn leaves»

Complex land art, created from multi-coloured fallen leaves of beech.

17. «The geography of nature»

«Convex» area, expertly created using twigs, fruit and leaves.

18. «Forest jewels»

Sometimes James invites the public to join him in creating a new masterpiece.

19. «Natural combination»

Growing tree the artist is organically entered in a pattern of concentric circles.

20. «Stone spire»

Tower of balanced stones was magnificent and mysterious addition to the landscape.

21. «Carpet of leaves»

Colorful beech leaves is one of the favorite materials of artist James brunt.

22. «Wooden swirl»

A work of art created with the exceptional talent of the short branchlets.

23. «Spellbinding illusion»

«Convex» bright sphere, cleverly made of twigs of different lengths, fruit and leaves.

24. «Hypnotic patterns»

Land art using leaves, masterfully created by the talented James Branton.

25. «Creation and destruction»

Short-lived but wonderful installation of the stones that will destroy ocean wave.

26. «Heart of stone»

Fantastic spiral laid out on the shore of the ocean of polished white stones.

27. «Illusion»

Three-dimensional art object created from sticks and fallen leaves cleared from the ground.

28. «Strict order»

Symmetrical geometric patterns of twigs, lined with the roots of the growing tree.

29. «Wood shape»

Unusual land art from natural materials by artist James brunt.

30. «The figure of beech leaves»

The amazing work of a talented artist from the UK, that uses nature instead of canvas.Materials

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