Critics admitted the existence of the second version of «Mona Lisa» in Russia

In early December, the expert from Italy Silvano Vincheti stated that «Mona Lisa» da Vinci, located in one of the private collections in St. Petersburg may not be the only version of this painting.
According to Vinceti there is a hypothesis that the author of the paintings could be genius from Tuscany. Moreover, he even found a lot of evidence of this.
Restorer de Serra told the audience that it is likely that the picture of the Northern capital of Russia could be written by a well known artist and his apprentice.
But the Vinci expert Carlo Pedretti said that painting from St. Petersburg and a preparatory sketch, which is stored at the moment in the Louvre, there are some similarities. For example, it can be noted that especially like the line, which was depicted upper lip.
Today, a British publication stated that experts suggest that there are a large number of theories that stipulate that these paintings was a great variety. In addition, the critics still argue about the period of completion of work.
At the beginning of December, a scientist from France said that the «Mona Lisa» is a work layered. On one of these layers is hidden a portrait of Lisa Gherardini. He said that he found on the canvas the image krupnokuskovoy women and picture of ladies in mother-of-pearl headdress.
At the moment a generally accepted opinion that it was written that portrait painter in the period from 1503 to 1505. It is also believed that the picture painted wife of a merchant from Florence who was selling silk. The full title of this painting – Portrait of Mrs. Lisa Giacondo.
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