Diamonds or colored stones: the History and secrets of engagement rings of the Royal family of Windsor

The history of engagement rings Windsor: Colored stones or diamonds?Engagement rings with colored gemstones look very nice and are often on them falls the choice of royalty, traditionally it is sapphire, ruby or emerald. But the family of the Windsor over the years has developed its attitude to the stones, and not all brides would like to see them on your ring.

Flawed emerald

Wallis Simpson and Edward VIIIAn engagement ring with an emerald in the family of Windsor was only Wallis Simpson, Edward VIII of the bride. This American with a tarnished reputation, divorced, did not accept neither the people nor the Royal family, and in order to marry her, Edward VIII had to give up the throne to his younger brother.

Unlucky Rubin

Tekskom Maria Victoria and Prince albert VictorIn December of 1891 was held with the engagement of Princess Victoria Mary of Tekskom, attributable to Elizabeth II, grandmother of Prince albert Victor. In honor of this event, the groom gave his bride a ring with large rubies. Official photo of Princess Victoria Mary of Tekskom and Prince albert Victor in honour of the Royal engagement, December 1891 godano all hopes and plans for the future life collapsed, while raging at the time in Europe the epidemic of influenza, the Prince died. But Mary, being a bride a little over a month and a day not being a wife became a widow.A year later Mary made an offer to younger brother albert, Prince George, the Duke of York, and she agreed. This pair and began the dynasty of Windsor.Victoria Tekskom Maria and Georg, the Duke of York on the day poolkitty, Georg and Nicholas II our cousins and very similar to their mother – sisters.George and NicholasPrincess Margaret and Anthony Armstrong-Jones50 years Later, a ring with a ruby in the shape of a rose, has received the younger sister of Elizabeth II, Margaret. Princess Margaret and Anthony Armstrong-Jones, spring 1960After learning that the man she loved, Peter Townsend, is getting married, it is likely, in desperation accepted the proposal of the photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones. But happiness is ring them to no avail. Special love to his wife Margaret had, despite all his efforts. And not being able to forget her first love, she sought solace in alcohol, was unfaithful to her husband led a Bohemian lifestyle and, in the end, 18 years later, they officially divorced. Prince Andrew and Sarah Fergusonthe Next victim of a ring with a ruby was Sarah Ferguson, betrothed to Prince Andrew, the middle son of Queen Elizabeth II. Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, 1986Life they also did not work, six years later, the couple separated, and after four years divorced.After this engagement rings with rubies in the family of Windsor was imposed an unspoken taboo.

Sapphire and adultery

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon and Prince albertThe first engagement ring with a sapphire in the family of Windsor came to lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. Lady Elizabeth Bowles-Lainee the path to happiness was rather thorny – she twice refused her fiance, Prince albert. She didn’t want to change my freedom for a life of Protocol in the Palace. Only the third attempt persistent groom were successful in 1923, Elizabeth finally agreed to marry him. Prince gave his bride a magnificent ring. But in the mid 30-ies of the ring disappeared from her finger, instead, Elizabeth began to wear a ring with pearls and diamonds. What is the reason make her take off the sapphire ring is unknown, but apparently it was serious. Princess Anne and mark PhillipsPrincess Anne was keen on riding, and on this basis she agreed with mark Phillips. She also got a ring with a sapphire, framed by diamonds. Princess Anne and mark Phillips, 1973 godechot marriage can not be called successful. 15 years later the couple broke up, and after three years divorced.Prince Charles and Diana SpencerPrince Charles and Princess Diana, 1981 godderis 8 years old sapphire ring she chose for her engagement to Prince Charles Diana Spencer. Everyone knows the story of her life, full of cheating husband, ended tragically. It so happened that all the owners of sapphire rings family life did not work out, all of them cheated on their husbands. What happened between Prince albert and Elizabeth is unknown, but Anna’s husband had a child on the side, and Prince Charles led a double life. Prince William and Kate MiddletonPrince William and Kate Middleton, fall 2010 godfly, the eldest son of Princess Diana, considering all these similarities prejudice, gave Kate the ring his mother, which at the time did not meet expectations and did not bring her happiness. But it might still change it? Moreover, as William at times is no different exemplary behavior and not once made me nervous his wife.

Diamond – stone of fidelity

Princess Elizabeth and Prince PhilipPrincess Elizabeth and Prince Philip, the summer of 1947 godperson a diamond ring in the family of Windsor for their engagement received the Elizabeth II. It uses the purest diamond, the groom took the tiara of his mother Alice, Princess of Greece and Danish. In the fall of 2017 Elizabeth and Philip have celebrated 70 years of life together. Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-JonesPrince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones, 1999, godsafe, the bride of the youngest son of Elizabeth II Prince Edward, when she was asked to choose a stone for your engagement ring, is also rather brilliant. «Not only ruby and not sapphire. They bring bad luck, «said Sophie, and she was right. Edward ordered for it in jewelry very pretty ring. Their wedding took place in 1999, and while they are all good.Prince Charles and CamillaPrince Charles with his beloved Camilla, the beginning of 2005 godparents Charles and Camilla were legalized, finally, their relationship in 2005. For example, mother and younger brother Charles to his bride was presented with a diamond ring, formerly belonging to his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. And for over 12 years they are really happy in marriage.Prince Harry and Meghan MarklePrince Harry and Meghan Markle, November 2017 Godan ring with diamond opted and Prince Harry. He gave his bride Megan ring with one large diamond-«cushion» and two smaller ones. These gems were taken from a brooch of his mother Princess Diana. Wedding the couple is scheduled for may 2018. We wish them happiness!And continuing the theme we have decided to recall the 10 «star» of proposals hands and hearts who simply could not remain unanswered.

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