Diana Gurtskaya Peter Kucherenko: Wedding shouted «Bitterly!», and happiness at your finger tips

Diana Gurtskaya Peter Kucherenko. / Photo: www.max-pix.com Diana Gurtskaya strong-willed and very sensitive nature. She can’t see the expressions on the faces of people, but always knows a sincere person or not. She never spares himself and does not allow it to others. When Peter Kucherenko proposed to her, she urged him to think very hard.

Business networking

Diana Gurtskaya. / Photo: www.showbi.ru Their acquaintance was of a purely business nature. Peter Kucherenko worked on a PR campaign one of the political forces and invited to participate in the project Diana Gorzkow. The singer belonged to a new friend with great respect and even was ashamed of him, for a long time, turning to him exclusively.They both showed special interest in each other, while Diana didn’t invite Peter to her birthday. He refused, but came to the festival with his girlfriend. However, next to Diana, too, was a young man.Diana Gurtskaya Peter Kucherenko. / Photo: www.topnews.ru at First the young man was slightly stunned by the breadth of a real Georgian feast, when each guest is welcomed as a dear and respected person. As usual, Diana began to ask to sing something. And she sang in the Georgian language a Capella. It seems that everything came to a standstill, only rambled on and this strong voice. It was at that moment he felt like he flashed some sort of spark between him and this unusual girl.


Diana Gurtskaya. / Photo: www.graphage.ru a few days later he called and invited her to a movie. In this sentence there was nothing unusual, except that Diana is blind. Her act of Peter seemed very bold, and she agreed. They went to see the movie Renata Litvinova «Goddess who fell in love». In the auditorium, Peter again took her by surprise. He acted as though always accompanied in the cinema people with vision problems: bowing to the girl, he quietly explained to her what’s going on on the screen.Diana Gurtskaya Peter Kucherenko. / Photo: www.sobesednik.ru Then he began to call her. If before their phone conversation was just business, now they could spend hours talking about everything. He gradually, step by step, won the trust of Diana. She’s already experienced one disappointment in your personal life, therefore, was in no hurry to open the soul of the young man. But Peter was considerate, caring, and very persistent. He was sensitive to her mood, always trying to please. And he made friends with the closest person of Diana, her brother Robert. Gradually, her heart thawed, she realized that Peter was needed.

Accidental harmony

Diana Gurtskaya. / Photo: www.kpcdn.net She already knew that she loves him. But the proposal of marriage was perceived as very cool. She encouraged him to think. And called a thousand difficulties that await him in life with the blind man. Diana was aware that seeing her on stage is one thing. But every day to face the fact that it needs to support is quite another. But Peter already knew for sure: he loves her. And love will overcome all difficulties.Diana Gurtskaya Peter Kucherenko. / Photo: www.spletnik.ru and without giving their consent, Diana something flew away with his assistant. When they arrived at the hotel, he called not to her, and accompanied her to the girl. And she asked coming out Diana to marry him. The girl laughed and confidently said, «Yes!» Then Peter asked if Diana really agree, then let herself call him as soon as they rise in the room. A friend of the singer only gave a request about the call, dropping the condition on the consent. And the young man was sure that his offer is accepted.

Unusual wedding

21 Sep 2005 Diana Gurtskaya Peter Kucherenko became husband and wife. / Photo: www.lichnosti.net They were preparing for the wedding from February to September. Diana hoped that this holiday was the embodiment of her dreams of happiness, and Peter gladly was ready to fulfill any whim of the beloved. She knew that getting married once and for life.Everything was like a fairy tale. / Photo: www.lichnosti.net the Wedding was really fabulous. But the radiant bride refused to kiss his young husband. She asked not to shout the traditional Russian «kiss!». The girl, brought up in a Georgian family, did not think it possible to kiss in the presence of strangers. It is up to the wedding never kissed her lover.

Happiness is in the details

Diana Gurtskaya Peter Kucherenko. / Photo: Yury Feklistov is Not to say that their happiness was serene and simple. As in any family, and they have periods of quarrels and misunderstandings. But reconciliation is always the first spouse. Diana demonstrates his iron nature, offended and silent. Peter is willing to put up with the Caucasian temperament of the wife, and her sometimes excessive touchiness. Diana Gurtskaya Peter Kucherenko. / Photo: www.woman.ru not easy for both of them the birth of a long awaited son. Diana was very worried the entire pregnancy fearing that the baby had the same eye problems as her. The husband of the alarms she didn’t say a word, believing themselves not entitled to worry about it. In 2007, Diane and Peter became parents to a wonderful healthy baby boy Constantine.Diana Gurtskaya Peter Kucherenko with her son. / Photo: www.wmj.ruМолодой the father later admitted that in the first minutes after birth, which was present, did not feel any feelings. Paternal feelings he experienced much later when I first heard the touching «dad» and saw the son making his first steps. After birth the Bone Diana has changed: it became softer, more patient, wiser. Diana Gurtskaya Peter Kucherenko with her son. / Photo: www.neinvalid.ru the Most valuable in life Diana and Peter think of family, for the sake of which are ready for any sacrifice.Eduard Asadov, a poet who lost his sight at the front, too, was able to find happiness and all life looked at his wife wide-open heart.

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