Died actress, kidnapped by Kim Jong-Il and won the Moscow prize for the shot for him the movie

92-th year of life left legendary actress Th Jin Hee, whose life Kim Jong-Il turned into a real Thriller. He’s kidnapped a woman and forced over a long period of time to make films in Pyongyang. About her life on this day, recalled Daily Mail.
Glory to his native South Korea to Th Yin came back in 50’s. His climbing the career ladder she started with the film «a New oath», and over the next twenty years was one of the main Actresses in the country. Among her fans was even Kim Jong-Il, who was so indifferent to her talent and creativity, that in 1978 he issued directives to kidnap Th IIN.
It tells the Daily Mail, during her visit to Hong Kong, a woman was fraudulently lured to the boat, and then transported to the poor North Korean ship, then pumped tranquilizers and did not feed until the arrival in Pyongyang, i.e. about 8 days.
In addition to actress, Kim Jong Il also stole (or so persuaded to move — details are not clear) and the woman’s husband to the couple with his wife shot him in the picture. For creativity your favorites the thief spared nothing — for example, when one of the films had to portray a disaster on the railway paths, it is for this purpose allocated a real locomotive, which was stuffed with dynamite. And when the film took windy weather, on a film set ordered to hover the helicopter.
In tandem with her husband and surrounded by a squad of guards, supervisors, Th Jin Hee was represented by the films of North Korea in the global film festivals. In his memoirs, the woman confessed and wrote that, back in the DPRK often cried and thought that if she hadn’t moved in actress, all this horror would not exist.
In 1985 she was in the Russian capital, where the film festival she was presented the award for the film «Salt.»
From his captivity, the couple was able to escape only in 1986, when I arrived in Berlin. In Europe they found refuge in the U.S. Embassy in Vienna, where they were greeted with the phrase «Welcome to the West». In America, the woman lived more than ten years, and at the end of the twentieth century, returned to his native Seoul.
And despite the fact that during the hostilities and the division of the country into two parts, North Korea stole for around 500 South Koreans, as well as dozens of citizens from Japan, it is the case of the stolen actress was the most resonant.
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