Donatas Banionis and She Bananana: Marriage out of pity and 60 years of unconditional happiness

Donatas Banionis and She Konkolewicz-Bananana. After the release of the painting «Nobody wanted to die» Donatas Banionis became a celebrity, and played the role of the Soviet intelligence officer Konstantin Ladeinikov in the «Dead season» made him a national favorite. He had many groupies, gossip attributed to him novels with the best Actresses in the country, but all his life he remained faithful to his wife Onet Konkolewicz-Bananana. Although he made her an offer, not based on lofty feelings, but sparing the girl was in danger.

Christmas eve

Donatas Banionis. / Photo: Donatas and She worked in the Drama theatre in panevėžys, but each other special attention is not paid. And theatre Director, Juozas Miltinis was strongly against office romances in the actor’s environment. In late 1947, a young couple invited Donatas to celebrate Christmas eve. As hard as it lived in the postwar years in Lithuania, Christmas was considered one of the most important holidays. The gala dinner starts when rises in the sky the first star, and among the twelve compulsory courses have to be apples, nuts, herring. However, at that time all lived in extreme poverty, and the feast in memory of the actor is not being held. But next to him She sat Konkolewicz, Onut, as it is affectionately called.She Konkolewicz-Bananana. / Photo: Dark-haired young lady then appeared to him to be special. Over dinner she told me that the fortune teller a few years ago, she predicted the loss of loved ones. Onut in the prediction is not believed, but recently father and brother were exiled to Vorkuta. Brother died in exile, the second fled across the ocean, and the third one with mom had been hiding from authorities. In danger and on the Onut, she was listed by the unreliable, from day to day, it could also send to Siberia.After Christmas eve Donatas and She began to meet, and the young man really wanted to help the girl to avoid. Donatas called my older sister Danute, who lived in Kaunas, she advised him to urgently get married. Their father was the organizer of the parish, the old well-known Bolshevik, the name change could help the girl.Donatas Banionis, the play «the Heir of Raburden», 1953. / Photo: And Donatas resolved: proposed Ohe hand and heart for the sake of salvation. At that point in their relationship was not love, the young man was sincerely sorry for the girl. Feelings came to him later, when they were already husband and wife. Young people are not only registered their marriage in the registry office, but were married in the Church, which at that time was quite a bold step.But Donatas never in my life not questioned the correctness of his decision. She was a wonderful faithful wife and mother to their two sons. In addition, she was cheerful, kind and caring. The talented actress stepped into the shadows of her husband, so he could move up.In the day of the wedding. / Photo: After the wedding, the actor tried to enlist in the KGB and he was forced to agree, as Donatas openly blackmailed wife, threatening to send them along to Siberia. He was given a bunch of forms and told to come with the filled questionnaire after a month. Luckily the officer that recruited Banionis was transferred to another place, and on the potential agent simply forgot. The actor himself, many years later, could not hide his joy that he managed to avoid the fate of the informer.

One for life

She Konkolewicz-Bananana. / Photo: as the Director of the theater not welcomed nepotism among the actors, Onut through time after the wedding, left the scene, becoming an assistant Director. Soon the family was born first – Egidijus, and 9 years later, in 1957, the younger son, Raimundas. On the shoulders of the Ones lay the whole burden of the care of the family. Donatas worked hard trying to provide for his family. And invariably happy that his marriage has been happy and bright.Donatas Banionis. / Photo: In the second half of 1960-ies Donatas Banionis was known and very popular actor, starred in the successful films, he began to learn on the streets, asking for an autograph. When in 1969 in the film «the Red tent» actors talking about their marriages, Donatas Banionis was the only one who lives with one wife for 20 years. Everyone else managed more than once to marry and divorce. That movie starred a whole galaxy of stars: Sean Connery, Claudia Cardinale, hardy Kruger, Nikita Mikhalkov. Donatas Banionis and She Konkolewicz-Bananana. / Photo: In the family there was almost no fighting. No, their life was not smooth, there were misunderstandings and miscommunication, but the actor never had any desire to divorce his wife. The conflict was dying out by themselves, but always remained a feeling of warmth and coziness. When the sons grew older, She began to visit on set with her husband.Donatas Banionis. / Photo: Test brought spouses. 45 years died from cancer of their eldest son Egidijus, a talented historian, author of scientific works, candidate and doctor of Humanities. The younger son Raimundas graduated from VGIK and became a Director Donatas Banionis even played one of his productions in panevėžys theatre. Donatas Banionis and She Konkolewicz-Bananana. / Photo: In 2001, the actor was forced to retire and leave the work in the theatre, as at the Lithuanian law he had to choose to receive a pension or salary. Thereof, they traveled extensively, loved to visit in the country, and in 2008, after the couple celebrated the 60th anniversary of his family, Onut died. Donatas survived Onut for 6 years, until the end of life remembering her eyes and their long, happy lives.Lithuanian actress Ingeborga Dapkunaite failed with the first attempts to build a family life, but she knows how to be happy in the here and now..

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