Frida Kahlo through the lens of the photographers: vintage portraits of iconic artist from the 1920s

The main theme of creativity of the artist – self-portraits.Today, the artist Frida Kahlo is considered one of the most famous personalities in contemporary art, and of great interest everything that was connected with it, including her portraits. The latter are a great opportunity to touch the lives of Frida, learn about her many interesting things.

1. Portrait of a young Frida

2. Frida Kahlo’s sister Cristina, Mexico

3. Frida on the day of communion, 1920

4. Young Frida Kahlo

5. Frida Kahlo. Photo taken by her father Guillermo Kahlo, 1926

6. Portrait of Frida, 1923

7. Frida Kahlo in a suit on a family photograph, 1924

8. Photos with relatives, 1924

9. Frida in men’s clothing, 1926

10. Tina Modotti and Frida Kahlo

11. Frida and Cristina Kahlo, 1926

12. Young Frida with a book, 1926

13. Sisters Kahlo, Frida and Kristina

14. Frida with family, 1926

15. Frida Kahlo in obective Esther Bourne

16. Young and beautiful

17. Picture taken after infidelity of Diego Rivera

18. Frida, sheared hair after a quarrel with her husband

19. Nineteen-year-old Frida Kahlo, 1927

20. The family of the artist, 1926

21. Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo wedding day, 1929

Of great interest today, and represent the dresses of Frida Kahlo collection that’s been covered up for 50 years.Materials

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