From selfies to home secret confessions of love: What is published in social networks Meghan Markle before he deleted Instagram

Instagram Meghan Markle: What the actress posted on the social networks before becoming the bride of Prince Harry.Before becoming the bride of Prince Harry, Meghan Markle built his acting career, and led the pages on social networks, sharing with subscribers the news, the details of his personal life and, of course, many selfies. In the new status to show this information anymore, so the other day Megan officially removed Twitter accounts, Facebook and Instagram. Remember the posts at five minutes of the Princess, who once collected hundreds of likes and reposts.Meghan Markle 36 years and she is really «done» with the online life. Nine months ago she closed her personal website, The Tig, and now said goodbye to the members and deleted accounts from all popular networks. In may, Megan will become a member of the Royal family, the rejection of social activity is likely dictated by the changing social status. Note that the members of the Royal family have official accounts on Twitter and Instagram, but are their account managers, is strictly making sure that there was no personal information, repost or revitol.On the Royal website posted the following information: «Ms. Markle is grateful to all subscribers who watched her accounts for many years. Because it currently does not use these accounts, she made the decision to close them.» Of course, while many of her photos can be found on the network, because they massively reprinted in the media lately.Having studied the account of the actress, you can see how varied the content over time. Earlier on the page was placed a lot of home selfies, photos of parties with friends. Recent posts Megan rather shed light on how changed her attitude after she fell in love with the Prince. The actress was published under the name @meghanmarkle in some of her most recent publications have been encrypted hints that she has found her happiness.

Everyday selfie

Selfie Meghan Markle made a home in Toronto.Selfie in the old mirror that stood in the room Megan opposite the dining table.Snapchat selfie: Megan in 2016 thanked thus to their subscribers for the congratulations happy Birthday.

Hints of a romance with Prince Harry

Many subscribers in this simple photo I saw a hint of romance with Prince Harry.Blue bracelet, perhaps received as a gift from Harry.

Homemade photos of their favorite dogs

Favorite dog on the red carpet in the hallway of the house Meghan Markle.Relax with a glass of wine in the company of dogs.Above the bed Megan — a picture of contemporary watercolorist from new York Inslee Fariss, the cost of which is estimated at $ 650.

In the company of celebrities

Discussion with the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau. October, 2016Meeting with Barack Obama. 2015Dialogue with Larry king.

Beauty trends

Megan often advertised to manufacturers of cosmetics, advising subscribers to the funds that are right for her. The photo with the hair product company Oribe.Megan often published pictures of the outfits that were chosen for publication.

Personal photos

Photography kristinae.Selfie with friends in a hotel Elevator.A screenshot of the message from the father in which he said that he was proud to show Megan.

Political activity

Protest against the vote on Brexia.

Sun travel

The photo in the pool on vacation. May, 2016.

Fashion photo books and flowers

Books about style icons, Jacqueline Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel.

Inspirational quotes and jokes

The post with gratitude to the firm, sent the boots in the bag with the words *Good in bed*.Touch my butt and buy me pizza. Megan without hesitation to publish even these jokes.The relationship of the Royal family to the beloved Harry has always been wary, and at some point, against the Roman Prince Harry and Meghan Markle rebelled, the whole family headed by grandmother Queen Elizabeth. Fight for the opportunity to be together has been very difficult… According to the website

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