From the USSR to the present day: Kindergarten children on the photos of different years

Preschool education in the lens of photographers of different eras.The emergence of nurseries was one of the characteristic phenomena of the Soviet era. Thus the Soviet government has decided to exempt women from child care and put them to the machine. What were kindergartens in different years, will see a collection of photos in this review.

1. Rehearsal matinee

Rehearsal matinee in kindergarten.

2. Children’s toilet

From the Soviet era and to this day, educators ensure that children complied with all sanitary norms and rules.

3. Childhood is a wonderful time in life

The matinee in kindergarten.

4. A Portrait Of Vladimir Lenin

Portrait of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin «decorated» every garden.

5. Red corner

The red area in the kindergarten. USSR, Tavda, 1948.

6. Kvartsevanie in kindergarten

Kvartsevanie often used in preschools.

7. The walk is also part of the educational process

The walk in the kindergarten.

8. The announcement of the decision of the XXV Congress of the CPSU

The announcement of the decision of the XXV Congress of the CPSU in the kindergarten of Tomsk in 1976.

9. Children’s gymnastics

Charging in one of the collective-farm kindergartens.

10. Pups

Favorite toys girls of the sixties and early seventies.

11. In the end the kids ‘ party necessarily followed by group shots

Costumes for children’s matinees were made of parents from scrap materials.

12. Aerotherapy

The air bath was practiced not only in sanatoria, but also in kindergartens.

13. Hardening in kindergarten

Intensive quenching procedure.

14. Fantastic castle

Private pre-school institutions in Russia

15. An elite kindergarten

The most expensive and elite Russian kindergarten.

16. Preschool education

A part of the process in the most expensive kindergarten in Moscow.

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