Google opens the Museum of the cultures of all times and peoples

GoogleArts & Culture is a project that collected millions of works of art, collections of diverse archival data and historical monuments from more than 1,000 leading galleries and museums in the world.
The project also offers numerous visual tours: you can walk the streets of interesting cities to visit various architectural structures: cathedrals, parks and memorials. You will be able to visit world famous museums and art galleries.
In addition, Google Arts & Culture represents the time scale. It contains descriptions, information and pictures of countless historical events: wars, open, space exploration, biographies — from the Egyptian pharaohs to Obama and Putin.
For Russian-speaking audience Googleпереводит the website on Russian language. Even if on the main page of phrases describing the sections of the site are converted with errors, but the main content is translated as «satisfactory» or difficulty of comprehension arises.
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