How to store rare money at home

A novice collector will sooner or later wondering about the storage of banknotes and coins. The first copies routinely put in simple boxes, but with increasing numbers require more robust devices able to preserve the original look and valuable acquisition.
In the club “Numismatist” can you find suitable storage for notes and coins. To read them out, if you click on the link
Numismatics is a hobby of intellectuals and connoisseurs of rarity
The ability to collect antique banknotes does not appear at all. But it is necessary to fall into the hands of the average person meaningful subject, as he immediately increased the desire to learn more about it: what year, who produced, what country they were used, etc. With the advent of this desire, there is one more thing — to collect more bills.
This hobby originated in the Renaissance and to this day has not lost its relevance. The Wikipedia page meet the science in more detail and we can give advice about storing bills to those who are already a little bit versed in this area.
Several methods of storing money
Some numismatists collect their moneys in the usual box, folder, or box. This technology does not require special costs, but it does not guarantee the safety of the product. For professionals the best offer will be the special holders.
cardboard for binding between a stapler;
of self-adhesive or with screw holes.
Holders of paper can be compared with the envelopes. The proposed method will help to preserve the original form of money, but with frequent use wears out quickly.
Plastic keepers like paper but more durable. It is worth considering the composition, it should not contain polyvinyl chloride, which reacts with the metal to form the green coating on the surface of the coins.
Cardboard envelopes are more practical than paper. They products do not lose their appearance over the years, but this material is susceptible to wear.
The adhesive with the Windows choose most of the modern collectors. They are comfortable, help keep products in good condition and the holders are allowed to consider the content, not removing it. Holders will be able to keep and interesting collection of Ivan Dubasov. The story about it you will find here .
Collectors of cents I prefer to keep them in capsules that allow the money to stay in perfect condition. Mints, minting collectible copies immediately pack them in capsules. Connoisseurs can purchase products for the preservation of money. It is standard, and remote ear, allowing you to adjust the size. The main objective of tanks — tightness, total lack of air and the capacity of the metal to react with the other materials.
Persistent collection
In ancient times, the Bank notes are preferred to keep the pouches that were worn at the waist but now, this invention will not work, especially if the collection is large and has rare instances. It is better to purchase a special album, allowing to keep the value of money, to organize them in one place and open a free access to view the publications.
the album “pre-printed”;
the case with tablets, ear buds.
The main condition of all containers should not contain compounds capable to react and to hurt their appearance.
Collect moneys right, then your collection will gain value and historical significance.
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