Hugo Boss – personal stylist Hitler and the Creator of the uniforms of the Nazis: the truth and myths about the famous designer

Designer Hugo Boss and the Nazi uniform, which was engaged in tailoring his company | Photo: and mylitta.siniscalco years ago there was a scandal around the facts disclosed about the involvement of the world famous brand «Hugo Boss» to create uniforms for soldiers and officers of Wehrmacht. Famous designer Hugo Boss accused of collaborating with the Nazis and personal ties with Hitler. The company even appealed to the historians to sort out this issue. Although the results of this study refuted many publicized myths about the designer, the company had to admit the fact of creation of the uniform of the Nazis and to apologize for the exploitation in the factories of the labor of prisoners of war and prisoners of concentration camps.Uniforms of the Wehrmacht | Photo: crazytrends.netВ those days, the name Hugo Boss still was not a well-known brand. He started his professional career as an employee of a garment factory in 1902, 6 years Later he inherited from his parents has passed a textile shop, and in 1923 Hugo Boss opened up his own clothing company – workshop on tailoring of overalls, windbreakers, raincoats and overalls for workers. In 1930 his company was on the verge of bankruptcy. To save her from ruin, he was engaged in sewing uniforms of the Wehrmacht.The Nazi form, tailoring which has been the company *Hugo Boss* | Photo: bowandtie.yslugi that the world famous company «Hugo Boss» profit from collaboration with the Nazis, appeared in the late 1990s, stirred up society and caused a scandal. In 1997, the company publicly acknowledged the fact of collaboration with the Nazis. Since this had a negative impact on the brand image, the company sponsored a scientific study of these facts, which conducted the Munich historian Roman Koester. In 2012 he published a book called «Hugo Boss, 1924-1945. Garment factory between the Weimar Republic and the Third Reich,» which detailed the results of their research. The Nazi form, tailoring which has been the company *Hugo Boss* | Photo: frontovik.ohgkak it turned out, Hugo Boss really was engaged in sewing uniforms for the Wehrmacht and received from these orders a large profit. And the factory used forced labour 140 immigrants from Poland and 40 French prisoners. However, no written evidence that Hugo Boss was a personal tailor Adolf Hitler, did not survive. In addition, the designer was not involved in the development of the sketches and creating the patterns, and his factory was one of the many, not the largest, of all the companies that were engaged in sewing uniforms. Karl diebitsch designer black uniforms of the SS | Photo: frontovik.ogdn really designer the black uniform of the SS was not Hugo Boss, Karl diebitsch was a German painter, designer and officer in the SS, and the SS insignia in the form of two rune «zig» has developed a graphic artist Walter heck. The black color of the uniforms of officers of the SS was called to command respect and fear, but soon it turned out that this color has a significant disadvantage: in the summer, it absorbs solar radiation and provokes profuse sweating. So the black color was soon replaced with gray, though black continued to be used in parade dress officers of the higher echelons of the SS. Factory Hugo Boss was only engaged in sewing uniforms, designed by Carl Diebitsch.The creation of the SS uniforms Home inspired by the shape of the Prussian *hussar* death | Photo: frontovik.then here is what Hugo Boss collaborated with the Nazis, not by compulsion, but because of personal conviction, confirmed even by his son. In 2007 Siegfried Boss has publicly acknowledged that his father was a member of the Nazi party and commented on this fact: «And who was not a member at that time? The whole industry worked for the Nazi«. In 1931 the designer voluntarily joined the National socialist workers party NSDAP he was a convinced Nazi. This was the main reason why his factory was registered as an important military enterprise, and received a large order for sewing uniforms of the Wehrmacht. German historian Henning Kober argues that all members of the management of the company «Hugo Boss» were Nazis and supporters of Hitler.Form designed by Karl Diebitsch | Photo: mylitta.Hypo the end of the war the factory was again engaged in the manufacture of uniforms for postmen, policemen and railway workers. And its owner was tried, he escaped prison, but was sentenced to pay a fine in the amount of 100 thousand marks. However, later Hugo Boss has been partially rehabilitated, and its status changed from «accused» has turned into «sympathetic». In 1948, the designer died at the age of 63 years. His company became a famous brand after his death. Uniforms of the Wehrmacht | Photo: liveinternet.dipole the publication of the book of Roman Koester company «Hugo Boss» posted on its website a statement in which he expressed «deep regret over the suffering endured by those who had to work in a factory Hugo Boss with the Nazis«than admit the validity of the conclusions of the historian. Our audience black uniform of the SS well in the movie *Seventeen moments of spring* | Photos: and anews.soma in the fashion world uniforms of the Third Reich, developed by «Hugo Boss», is considered the most beautiful and stylish military uniform. In the 1990s, even originated a new movement – Nazi chic – Nazi chic. Especially popular it was in Japan where there is a neo-Nazi organization. However, this is dictated more fashion aesthetic preferences, and socio-political views, and very far from the ethical considerations – what is called «beyond good and evil.»In the fashion world, she is the most beautiful form | Photo: fashionate.ruDesigner and founder of the famous brand Hugo Boss | Photo: wlooks.hypotonia rumors circulated about the founder of another famous brand: Was Coco Chanel a Nazi spy?
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