IMAX will make a documentary

A large company IMAX said that in the near future will be formed a special Fund that will provide financing for documentary films. For the first time this Fund will have to sponsor 10 educational films. These films are created not for mass screening in cinemas, and in order to Fund new digital content to cinemas, which are part of such institutions as science centers and museums.
The Fund will be called the «Foundation of the original IMAX movies». Just this Fund, the Corporation plans to transfer about $ 50 million. Documentaries that will appear on these funds, will have to not just to expand the boundaries of documentary, but also to attract maximum attention of mass audience. Initially, the Fund will be financially supported by external sources, but with time he himself will be able to get a great replenish only at the expense of box office receipts. On this count, the members of the IMAX Corporation.
In addition to the initial capital of the company IMAX plans to give the Fund and all of its documentaries, which were created by the Corporation for forty years of its existence. Its activities now great IMAX began with the creation of a small number of species, educational and documentary films. Technical and scientific achievements and, in General, for activities in the field of documentary films in 1997, the company was awarded a special «Oscar». Since the 70-ies of XX century, the company has been building high quality movie theaters around the world, many of whom work today. On the feature film and its development, the Corporation turned their attention at the beginning of the XXI century.
The company IMAX to create their films uses the latest sound, projection and digital technology. All this combined with the unique patented architecture of the hall and form a screen, creates the surprising effect of presence that is impossible not to appreciate. The company is constantly evolving and is one of the first that begins using the most recent technical developments such as 3D, 4D, HD, etc.
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