In exposing the sexual version of «Oliver Twist»

Studio Lionsgate and the American TV channel NBC announced a new television series that will be filmed on the motives of the widely known classic Charles Dickens’s «Oliver Twist». As explained by the representatives of the studios, their show will be a kind of «sexy version» of the novel. The secret is that the main character becomes not a young boy-Tomboy, and 20-year-old girl.
In the description to the project say that the series tells the story of a young girl who after all his misfortunes, finally able to find a real family in the company of talented outcasts who use their extraordinary skills to deal with the bad and the evil rich.
In fairness it should be noted that in his book the novel, Dickens raised some at that time, the fundamental problems of British and European society as a whole. Among other problems, a special place in his rhetoric has been the issue of child labour and the indifference of the authorities to the involvement of children in the criminal world. Dickens was a rare opponent of the «romantic» image of life criminals, despite the fact that «Oliver Twist» as a whole is a classic romantic piece.
At the time, «Oliver Twist» was a breakthrough in British literature. First, it was noted that the then critics is the main character-a child. Published novel from 1837 to 1839. Returning to the problem works it is rather difficult today to say whether the series is to raise or at least to pass any significant current social problems.
As for the original novel «the adventures of Oliver Twist», the book repeatedly portrayed. Today one of the best and at the moment in the film is the film of 2005.
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