In Russia was extended for the movie «iron curtain» at the request of the audience

From 1 to 4 March in cinemas hosted the screening of the film about the writer Sergei Dovlatov, over creation of which was directed by Alexey German Jr. That’s only these days the show in Russia to be limited to failed, and it was decided to extend the showing of this film until March 11. About it journalists were told by the producer of the movie «iron curtain» Andrei Saveliev. This decision was taken already almost in the morning on the fifth day.
Producer during his interview explained why it was decided to extend the showing of the film at the cinemas. It turned out that very many people want to see this movie on the big screen, but not everybody has time to do this just due to the fact that cinemas do not have enough tickets. And such complaints to the creators of the film came not only from regions but also from citizens living in the Central cities. Savelyev said such appeals were so many and the creators of the film decided not to upset the audience and allowed to extend the show for another few days.
In the end, everyone else can see the movie «iron curtain», as the show is extended until March 11. In an interview, he called the screening of the films of the prolonged input with Dovlatov. He also noted that it is possible such here the weekend again, only this time with a different flow, however, the details Savelyev to go did not.
The movie is called «iron curtain» is a biographical drama that tells the story of four days of the writer of 1971, held in Leningrad. The role of the writer entrusted to play Milan Maric, the Serbian actor. Also starred in the film: Danila Kozlovsky, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Anton Shagin, Elena Lyadova and Arthur Beschastny.
On the creation of this film worked together Serbia, Russia and Poland. Only in the Russian capital this film decided to show in 87 theaters. During the Berlin film festival «Dovlatov» received the prize of the independent jury, and Elena Trench, art Director and costume designer, received «the Silver bear». So marked was her outstanding achievements in film.
The Director of this documentary, during the premiere of the film in Moscow said that the path to its creation was long and expressed particular gratitude to Nikita Mikhalkov, the Chairman of the Union of cinematographers, and Vladimir Medinsky, Minister of culture.
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