In the years of the great Patriotic war in the Soviet Union was fascist Republic

In the years of the great Patriotic war in the Soviet Union was a fascist country.In 1941 the Soviet Union entered a bloody battle with Nazi Germany. The red Army retreated to Moscow, and on the left the territory began hosting the Germans. They set your order everywhere except Lokotskogo Republic. This unique formation was founded by two Russian engineers, orders which even the Germans did not dare to challenge.Konstantin Voskoboynik – one of the organizers Lokotskogo Republic. | Photo: Voskoboynik was born in Czarist Russia, studied law, and with the beginning of the First world war he volunteered to the front. After the revolution of 1917, he fought the Bolsheviks and the so-called «green». Many years Voskoboynik was hiding from the authorities, but then legalized, received the diploma of the engineer and at the end of the 1930-ies settled in the city of Elbow Bryansk region. Here he met with the engineer Bronislaw Kaminsky, who had to sit out anti-Soviet statements.Bronislav Kaminski (3rd from left, in cap) talks with the officers of the German police. | Photo: topwar.EN.In 1941, the Wehrmacht has pressed the Red Army approached Smolensk. It was at this time voskobojnik and Kaminski began active. They organized self-defense unit of 100 people to maintain order in the area. When in October the Elbow came the Germans, Voskoboynikov was appointed chief burgomaster, and Kaminsky – his Deputy. They were allowed to leave the armed group of the militia, which was called «Russian national Liberation Army» and eventually grew to 20,000 fighters with artillery, tanks and armored personnel carriers.Insignia of the Russian people’s Liberation Army, also known as the 29th Grenadier division of the SS «RONA» (1st Russian). Unlike many collaborators, who just worked for the Germans, Voskoboynik was trying to make «Lokotskogo parish Council» the present state. He even organized his own party «Viking».The Germans and the traitors destroyed the civilian population. | Photo: German plan was not the emergence of a new country, but local assistance was very helpful. Thousands of Russian policemen who know the area, was an invaluable aid in the fight against red partisans. That is why the Lokot autonomy was supported. The Germans did not interfere in the Affairs of this territory.Voskoboynik he sets the laws, set taxes, collecting them in «Treasury». The collective farms were dismantled, land was distributed to peasants. The Elbow opened a Church and school had its own court. Once there even was tried and executed two Hungarian soldiers, despite the protests of the German military command.Administrative map of the Republic of Lokotskogo. | Photo: January 1942, during the guerrilla operation Konstantin Voskoboynik was killed, and at the helm Lokotskogo County rose Kaminski. Under his direct leadership was an unrecognized Republic, which occupied a territory as large as Belgium, with a population of 580 thousand people. Soldiers of the 29th Grenadier division of the SS «RONA», modern reconstruction. | Photo: Kaminski was the commander of the new unit. The men of the 29th Grenadier division of the SS «RONA» was used to fight the guerrillas. Russians and Belarusians, who served in the SS now, later suppressed the uprising in Warsaw and Slovakia. In the USSR they were considered traitors, and the Germans were not respected for brutality and poor discipline. With the advance of the red Army in August 1943 Lokotskogo Republic ceased to exist, and a year later her second and last head, Kaminski was shot by the Germans. The same fate awaited many more traitors.The period of occupation of the territory of the Soviet troops of the Third Reich has become a grave challenge for our country.
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