Iranian village, where only 100 years ago people lived dwarves

Machanic — Iranian gnome village.Village Machanic, located on the territory of Iran near the border with Afghanistan can rightly be called a settlement midgets or dwarves. The thing is that the houses built here at a height of no more than five feet. A hundred years ago they were people for whom such tiny houses were just.Tiny house village Machanic.Vintage village Machanic has about two hundred houses, a third of which – very low buildings. These doorways now you can go only leaning, but inside the rooms it is impossible to stand up. Scientists believe that the local population was tiny growth for several reasons: due to poor diet, consumption of bad water, and genetic disorders (often marriages between close relatives).The entrance to one of the old houses.For centuries the settlement Machanic was completely isolated from civilization. The continual drought had undermined all attempts to deal with cattle, a rich harvest from agriculture is also not necessary to expect. Turnips, barley, several types of fruit – that’s the whole diet of the local people. Moreover, geneticists believe that a closely related context, called mutations, and they began to develop dwarfism. The village was unremarkable for enemies.Low houses blend in with the environment.There was another reason why the midgets were building these tiny houses. The people in this settlement was not allowed, and this meant that all the construction materials they brought in manually. In addition, a small home easier to heat in the cold season, and in summer the building is less heated. And for the enemies of such houses was less noticeable.Machanic — Iranian gnome village.In the mid-twentieth century in Mahonik reached civilization. With the construction of the roads began to come here the travelers, the locals first tried the food that was radically different from what they were eating. In particular, they tried rice and chicken. With diet changes, it became clear that the children grow up stronger and taller than my parents, and a chance to win dwarfism.Machanic — Iranian gnome village.Now Makunike is home to about 700 people. They moved into brick houses from the old houses, but the lifestyle that led their ancestors, have not changed. They also are trying in vain to engage in farming, the older generation lives on government subsidies, and the youth tries to leave to find work in nearby cities. Machanic — Iranian gnome village.Makhounik village may become a tourist attraction, because the history of these people of lilliput are unique. If that happens, then those who remained in the village, there will be work at the service of tourists.In addition Mounika,there are other village of dwarfs. For example, a Chinese village, Yangsi is famous for the fact that all its inhabitants are shorter than 120 cm From our review of 10 unusual villages where genetic abnormalities are the norm, you can learn about the most unusual settlements on the planet.According to the website
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