Iron will «heavenly swallows»: What helped the Ia Ninidze to withstand the test of strength

The actress, best known for playing Denise in the *Heavenly signs* | Photo: kino-teatr.Igrushka actress Iya Ninidze played about 40 roles in movies, but still call it by the name of heroines that made it in 1976 for the entire Union, – Denise of the «Heavenly swallows». In the 1990s, she disappeared from screens and only years later the audience learned about how many tests she had to move.Iya Ninidze in the movie *don’t worry!*, 1968 | Photo: kino-teatr.supervie to the set Ia got a 7-year-old age – she was lucky to debut in the movie George Danelia «do Not cry!»where she starred along with Eugene Leonov, Sofiko Chiaureli, Vakhtang Kikabidze. But from childhood she dreamed not about acting and about the profession of a ballerina. Iya graduated from the choreographic school in Tbilisi and was later talked about what ballet annealing helped her to overcome many difficulties: «I used in the morning, standing at the Barre in ballet school, in every move, in every PA has put so much efforts and inspiration, as if already on stage. The ballet is a great thing, in terms of education of will and determination«.Iya Ninidze | Photo: kino-teatr.ruIya Ninidze in the movie *Heavenly*, 1976 | Photo: kino-teatr.giv 16 years she was overwhelmed with the incredible popularity – she played a major role in the musical Comedy «Heavenly swallows», where her partners on the set became the most famous Soviet artists – Andrey Mironov, Lyudmila Gurchenko, Alexander Shirvindt. Iya recalled that when Mironov first saw her, jokingly exclaimed: «Wow, what a small and skinny! Even the novel is not smooth!«. On the set he surrounded her with care, and constantly drove into the dining room and fed biscuits. The young actress was compared to Audrey Hepburn, and the name Ia called the baby girls. This role became the hallmark Ninidze.Iya Ninidze in the movie *Heavenly*, 1976 | Photo: kino-teatr.ruFrame from the movie *Heavenly*, 1976 | Photo: diwis.dipole the end of VGIK Iya Ninidze returned to Tbilisi, where she became artist of the State academic theatre named after Shota Rustaveli. There she worked for 15 years and continued to go on stage even in the 1990s, when the war began in Abkhazia. The actress recalled: «The blockade, with electricity outages, food cooked on kerosene, which stood for hours in queues, not stoked – I had to buy diapers for my daughter! And all theatres worked and the rooms were fully Packed! When the city turned off the electricity, the audience lit candles, which they brought with them, and the play lasted«.The actress, best known for playing Denise in the *Heavenly signs* | Photos: diwis.ruIya Ninidze in the movie *Heavenly*, 1976 | Photo: kino-teatr.gimnazista tests the actress had to undergo in his personal life. She was married three times, but the greatest love met outside the family. The first time she married at age 17, the son of Sofiko Chiaureli and Giorgi Shengelaya. This marriage lasted only two years – Nicholas could not live in Moscow and returned to Tbilisi, and Ia remained in the capital to study at VGIK. At age 20 she met her second husband, actor Sergey Maksakova. But this marriage has ruined the spacing: when the S due to the illness of the mother moved to Tbilisi, Sergei remained in Moscow.Iya Ninidze | Photo: peoples.hitrate the husband of actress supported her when her mother was dying of cancer, took her son from a previous marriage, the couple had a daughter. However, this Union was not destined to survive for long. Michael was a longtime dream – to emigrate to the United States, and in the early 1990s he as a refugee went abroad. And Ia with their two children remained in Tbilisi. For 30 years she lost all her loved ones and could count only on themselves. It is in this difficult time the actress has met his greatest love. One day after the performance, she was offered a ride home fan, who, as it turned out, was in love with her since I saw in the «Heavenly swallows». They began a whirlwind romance, although the Oia was aware of the fact that her partner is married. Their happiness was short-lived – after 2 years of Lado died of cancer. His death became for her such a shock that she even thought about suicide, but this step kept her children.The actress, best known for playing Denise in the *Heavenly signs* | Photos: diwis.ruIya Ninidze in the film *Penance*, 1984 | Photo: kino-teatr.giv 1997 Iya Ninidze moved to Moscow, where he performed on stage and starred in the television series. One day during a rehearsal the actress fell 300-pound decoration, after which she spent a year on crutches, miraculously escaped amputation of his leg, and then learning to walk again. «Behold, the Lord again sent me a test… I really cried a lot in my life, so many times changed its appearance. There were a lot of tragedies… Faith in life – in children. And in the people. Have to really love people to deserve their love. You have a lot to sow. I’m a good harvest«–confessed the actress. She was always supported by friends, among them was Irina Ponarovskaya and Larisa Guzeeva. After the injury in 2000, Iya Ninidze left the theatre, took it as a sign of fate, and do vocals. She never regretted her decision, as career and wealth has never been for her the most valuable in life.Actress in the TV series *Turkish March*, 2000 | Photo: kino-teatr.ruThe actress | Photo: kino-teatr.Gataulin challenge for the actress was the terrible disease with which she was able to cope with breast cancer. When she heard the diagnosis, kept to himself, and no one wanted to talk about the trouble. But friends helped her raise the necessary funds for treatment and to believe in themselves.Iya Ninidze | Photo: kino-teatr.ruIya Ninidze in the series *Alexander garden-3*, 2008 | Photo: kino-teatr.Ginestra all tribulation, Iya Ninidze says: «I feel happy because every child is conceived in love. For me as for mother it’s a great happiness that I gave birth to two children in my not very easy life, very early lost his parents. The Lord always rewards…«.The actress, best known for playing Denise in the *Heavenly signs* | Photos: diwis.ruIya Ninidze | Photo: diwis.hisoffice, Chiaureli became AI Ninidze not only a partner on the set, but a close friend: Twists of fate the most popular Georgian Soviet cinema.
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