Kim Kardashian, Eminem and other celebrities into grotesque caricatures of the modern artist

Lil Yachty — American hip-hop artist and songwriter. Author: Twitter, Picasso. Each attracts attention as he can. Someone plays the trumpet, and someone draws the feet. Well, the man known under the name Twitter, Picasso creates funny cartoons with images of celebrities. His drawings in the style of grotesque and primitive at the same time beautiful and terrible, and yet the more you look at each of them, the funnier it becomes and smile for a long time not been on the face. This kind of approach to work was appreciated not only voluntary users of Instagram, and celebrities, which portrays the greatest artist of this generation.Basketball Player Anthony Davis. Author: Twitter, Picasso.Jaden Christopher Sayer Smith is an American actor, dancer, rap artist. Author: Twitter, Picasso.Ariana Grande is an American actress of film, television and sound, singer, composer, songwriter and model. Author: Twitter, Picasso.Khalif «Swae Lee». Author: Twitter, Picasso.Tyler Gregory Okonma, known under the pseudonym Tyler, is an American rapper, producer, music video Director, graphic designer and fashion designer. Author: Twitter, Picasso.Rapper Trippy REDD. Author: Twitter, Picasso.Saimir woods, better known as Lil Uzi Vert — American hip-hop artist and songwriter. Author: Twitter, Picasso.Atavism. Author: Twitter, Picasso.Danielle paskowitz of Bregoli American hip hop artist and Internet meme. Author: Twitter, Picasso.Navigius deman, Wilburn, better known under the alias Future Hendrix, is an American hip-hop artist. Author: Twitter, Picasso.Saint Laurent Don. Author: Twitter, Picasso.Marshall Mathers, better known by his stage name Eminem and alter ego slim shady, is an American rapper, record producer, composer and actor. Author: Twitter, Picasso.Sir Robert Bryson Hall the Second, known under the name Logic is an American rapper, producer and songwriter. Author: Twitter, Picasso.Stacy Ann Ferguson better known as Fergie is an American singer, fashion designer and actress. Author: Twitter, Picasso.Kim Kardashian — American reality star, actress, model. Author: Twitter, Picasso.Artist Alexander Salles used to portray everything in a different light, including celebrities. His caricature portraits of the heroes of comics and not just from the first minutes attract the attention of non-trivial images, looking at that wonder, watching Eugene Krabs in a new role, and Batman even more.According to the website
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