Legends of the 1990s: Irina Ponarovskaya, or the Story about why «Miss Chanel of the Soviet Union» left the stage

Irina Ponarovskaya | Photo: life.giv 1980-1990-ies she was a style icon, her unique voice signature huskiness impossible to confuse with any another. She was surprised by his stage images and experiment with the image. Her songs «Ryabinovie busy», «You are my God», «I don’t want» became a mega hit. At the end of the 1990s, popular singer Irina Ponarovskaya suddenly disappeared. She stopped appearing on stage, avoided communication with journalists. Today she’s 64 years old, the singer continues to lead a solitary life and does not come out of the shadows.One of the most extravagant singers of the Soviet stage | Photo: kino-teatr.yirina Ponarovskaya was born on 12 Mar 1953 in a family of musicians, since 6 years she played the piano and studied music, and with 15 years vocals. She graduated from the Leningrad Conservatory, was a soloist in «Singing guitars» and «Peddlers», and then in the jazz orchestra of Oleg Lundstrem. In parallel with performances on the stage she started acting in movies and musical programs on television, led the children’s program «Alarm clock».Irina Ponarovskaya in the movie *not my problem*, 1976 | Photo: kino-teatr.rumiss Chanel of the Soviet Union | Photo: kino-teatr.giee first solo concerts began in 1988, and in the 1990s, Irina Ponarovskaya has become one of the most popular singers in pop music. In 1993 she released her first CD-giant «So goes my life», in the same year filmed a video for this song. The singer has always been in great shape, and in the mid-1990s she was asked to lead the program «Fitness class Irina Ponarovskaya», where she talked about their own methods of proper nutrition and exercise. In 1997, the singer presented in concert hall «Russia» the solo programme «the Woman is always right» and released a self-titled disc. It was her last appearance on the big stage.Irina Ponarovskaya | Photo: moscatalogue.ruIrina Ponarovskaya in the movie *the Nut Krakatuk*, 1977 | Photo: kino-teatr.yirina Ponarovskaya has always stood out among the other Soviet pop stars extravagant, unique image, bold experiments with the appearance. In 1990, representatives of fashion Houses «Chanel» awarded her the title of «miss Chanel of the Soviet Union.» The press called it the most elegant lady of the Soviet music, lady Surprise, lady Perfection. In those days at its image worked Sergey Zverev, whose singer is considered one of the best stylists.Irina Ponarovskaya and Wayland Rodd | Photo: peopletalk.GMOs her personal life, wrote no less than about the outrageous outfits. Her first husband was the Director of the ensemble «Singing guitar» Gregory Clamis, but this marriage did not last long. In 1984 she married a jazz musician Weyland Rodd and gave birth to son Anthony. Family life did not bring her happiness, as later admitted the singer, her husband was violent towards her and constantly cheated on. After leaving the Hospital, the singer lived in a civil marriage with the dancer from his team, and then got married to Soso Pavliashvili. Her last husband was a medical scientist Dmitry Pushkar. After that, Irina had sworn never to marry and devoted himself to the education of his son.Irina Ponarovskaya and Soso Pavliashvili | Photo: yumuz.ruOne of the most extravagant singers of the Soviet stage | Photo: liveinternet.Gina peak of his popularity Irina Ponarovskaya suddenly disappeared from the screens. On the question of why her performance in 1997 was the last, she says: «Since giving solo concerts, because the stage of perestroika began. I sing in clubs, and there are always so many spectators, I have. A good audience can now collect Sofia Rotaru, Valery Leontiev, and today’s singers can raise money for their concerts only youth that knows nothing about music, but admires the fact that young people on the stage are very cute, pretty, girls are young, slim… I don’t believe that the singer of my rank, class and level you need to do some promotion. And still, honestly, can’t understand why so afraid of people that it is high time to give way to others. I can see that on stage closely. And I’m not used to live in communal».Irina Ponarovskaya | Photo: kino-teatr.ruIrina Ponarovskaya in the movie *goldfish*, 1985 | Photo: kino-teatr.ruOne of the most extravagant singers of the Soviet stage | Photo: dni.hikogda for participating in the «Song of the year» began to demand money, the singer categorically refused to participate in this program. Since 2000, Irina Ponarovskaya tried his hand in a different field: she discovered the image-Agency «Space style», has released a collection called «I-ra», opened a sewing Studio and fashion House in new York.The legendary singer of 1980-1990 | Photo: liveinternet.ruOne of the most extravagant singers of the Soviet stage | Photo: liveinternet.rumiss Chanel of the Soviet Union | Photo: uznayvse.ru and vokrug.TVV 2010 Irina Ponarovskaya left with his son in Norway, and in the summer lives in the Baltic States. At age 62 she became a grandmother and spends a lot of time with her grandson. On projects like «You – superstar» speaks disapprovingly: «Believe me, I am a man, faced with so many difficulties, and I understand the value of life. But if, God forbid, I will not have bread and I have to make a choice: to go to this program or to sell the last ring I’ll sell the ring. I his dignity will not drop». Irina Ponarovskaya, 2006 | Photo: kino-teatr.ruOne of the most extravagant singers of the Soviet stage | Photo: uznayvse.ru and kino-teatr.Gina offers to go back on stage the singer says, «I’m not the person who will die on stage. Not going to torment like some, its not really perfect appearance of the screen.»The legendary singer of 1980-1990 | Photo: kino-teatr.ruIrina Ponarovskaya | Photo: uznayvse.ruIdol Ponarovskaya was Maria Pakhomenko singer, held a dramatic way from the all-Union popularity to total oblivion.
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