Life in Manila: 15 photos of people’s lives in the most densely populated city in the world

Photos from the life of people in the most densely populated city in the world.In the capital of the Philippines Manila lives of 17 million people. Above the town rise the mountains, but only admire them will not work – it’s mountains of garbage. The smell of toxic fumes and rot hangs in the air, dumps occur in urban areas. And it seems the whole city and its people are subordinate to them.

1. Life on the edge of poverty

The slums along the highway.

2. Hunger and fatigue take their toll

The child sleeps on the steps of the underpass.

3. In the nursing home

Waiting for their turn.

4. Prenatal chamber

Pregnant Filipino women in the pre-Natal ward.

5. Busy hospital

Several mothers with newborn children in the same bed.

6. Clogged prenatal chamber

In this Department every day are born to 100 children.

7. The effects of tropical storm

A man collects recyclable materials among the floating debris after tropical storm Nida.

8. One of the most polluted rivers in the world

To collect garbage in the river and hand over for processing — now much more profitable than fishing.

9. Family business

While this river like the trash she is actually a major source of water for agriculture.

10. Watercraft

Filipino boy swims at the river on the piece of foam.

11. The difficult lives of street children

Homeless children sleep on a discarded mattress in the middle of the road.

12. Trader Of Mango

A street vendor who earns an average of six dollars per day.

13. Below the poverty line

Philippine slums, right along the railway where just a meter away from the train tracks playing with small children.

14. The boom in real estate

In 2013, the Philippines experienced tremendous real estate boom.

15. Awaiting trial

Crowded prison cell. However, outside of Manila it’s different. Philippines included in the 25 amazing places on Earth, the existence of which is hard to believe.

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