Mentally-positive illustrations that return to childhood

Kind and childish lovely work Karin Taylor.Australian artist Karin Taylor (Karin Taylor) works in the genre of children’s illustrations. Inspired by the communication with their own daughters and a view of the ocean, she creates charming drawings, soaked warmth, light, harmony, good and positive. That is why her work stirs in the audience sparking feeling and touching the heart, brings a smile to my lips.According to the artist, drawing helps her not only to overcome difficulties in life and to deal with a bad mood, which sometimes happens. At first glance, the work of Karin look simple and uncomplicated. But actually it is very laborious and time-consuming process. She first creates a pencil sketches on paper, and then transfers the sketch on the computer, modifying it in photoshop and using the tablet and stylus. Moreover, in addition to digital painting, to create his juicy illustrations she uses honey, acrylic and coal, constantly experimenting with the surface, with ideas and thoughts in my head.A magic bird. Author: Karin Taylor.Whimsical clouds and dreams. Author: Karin Taylor.Poems. Author: Karin Taylor.The adventures of the little traveler. Author: Karin Taylor.On the banks of the river. Author: Karin Taylor.The magic elephant. Author: Karin Taylor.On the shore of the ocean. Author: Karin Taylor.Bird. Author: Karin Taylor.My new friend. Author: Karin Taylor.On the walk. Author: Karin Taylor.Whales. Author: Karin Taylor.Girl-spring. Author: Karin Taylor.Dolphins. Author: Karin Taylor.The Japanese girl. Author: Karin Taylor.Friendship. Author: Karin Taylor.Of Mrs. Fox. Author: Karin Taylor.Sowosky. Author: Karin Taylor.Look at the stars. Author: Karin Taylor.Kiss. Author: Karin Taylor.Concern. Author: Karin Taylor.Sovushka. Author: Karin Taylor.The night. Author: Karin Taylor.The butterfly in her hair. Author: Karin Taylor.Girl with a fan. Author: Karin Taylor.Dancing on the rooftops. Author: Karin Taylor.Sisters. Author: Karin Taylor.Pup. Author: Karin Taylor.The artist named Anna creates childishly charming painting on the saw cut and the bark of trees. Her works remind me a little of the magic drawings, like illustrations for books, which many of us read in childhood. According to the website
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