Mirror code Leonardo da Vinci — the key to unlocking scientific treatises and paintings of genius

Mirror code Leonardo da Venise which is associated with the name of the great Leonardo da Vinci , one big mystery for five centuries trying to unravel mankind. On it is written about three thousand books, reading them to one, we are unlikely to be able to understand this is shrouded in mystery legendary figure. However, the key to some encrypted his works were unexpectedly found by researchers at the turn of 20-21 centuries. And in this case it would be appropriate to say: «All genius is simple».Leonardo da Vinci — a genius of the Renaissance.The life and work of almost any person on the planet did not cause so many conflicting arguments and opinions as the name of the great masters of the Renaissance Leonardo da Vinci. During his lifetime, with the reputation of magician, sorcerer, and wizard, he deliberately multiplied around the legends, rumours and secrets. Therefore, some believed that the famous Italian was mentally ill, others were sure that he had a relationship with alien civilizations, but others — that he was able to bring black magic. However, all agree on one thing: Leonardo was a genius and one of the best minds of humanity. Leonardo da Vinci — a genius of the Renaissance.Da Vinci was everything else, and the able magician, which gave the right to his contemporaries to call him a magician and sorcerer. He knew many secrets that can turn white wine into the red; to kill a cane, not breaking the glasses, which lay it completely with your saliva to write like ink. As well as to shock and impress the audience with many other tricks that were attributed to black magic.Leonardo for 67 years of his life have tried about a dozen professions, and his inventions and discoveries cover approximately fifty areas of knowledge, which later will form the main directions of development of modern civilization. And why would he not directed his ability and energy, he has always achieved amazing results, some of which is not surpassed until now.The mystery of Leonardo da Vinci.Unique was the approach of the master and to his self. It is unusual methods of prisoners in the psychotechnical exercises, sharpens your perception of the world, improve memory and develop imagination. He possessed secret knowledge of the human psyche. Used the secret formula of daily sleep, which allowed the genius to cut it from 8 to 2 hours per day. And he slept for 15 minutes every 4 hours than have saved 75% of the time that in fact lengthened its life time.

Ingenious inventions of the Italian, embodied in his drawings

Scientist engineer almost all his discoveries and inventions have been encrypted and encoded. Apparently with a view to his ideas of humanity could reveal gradually, as until they «ripened». And helped to use encryption, the ability of the inventor to write with both hands, and «mirror» — that is, from right to left.A prototype of the machine gun made according to the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci.To have survived a unique treatises of Leonardo, which is a very long time was incapable of deciphering. It was believed that the language in which the author expounded his message and described invention passed into oblivion, as extinct.A prototype of the machine gun made according to the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci.So, to review written five centuries ago, a brilliant inventor took an ordinary mirror. And imagine the shock of scientists, when they freely could read the notes of Leonardo about what will happen in the future. I mean in our present. Incomprehensible characters, reflected on the mirror plane become ordinary words understandable to any modern Italian. Indeed, much what I wrote, Leonardo has come true, namely: there are flying machines, the telephone, automobiles, submarines, agricultural machines.The robot, made according to the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci.It is noteworthy that the inventor of the specially made mistakes in the drawings, in order to prevent, saying today’s language, «industrial espionage». That’s why many of the mysteries of genius to humanity remain unsolved and still.The prototype bike, and Scientists-mechanics for several centuries could not make out the draft of its self-driving truck to build it. But it was the principle used in modern engineering.Prototype car made by the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci.And yet Leonardo da Vinci«… invented a diving suit, submarine, boat, helicopter, bike, glider, parachute, tank, machine gun, poison gas, smokescreen for troops, a magnifying glass, an ordinary fins… The suit and skis made according to the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci…. He also invented the«textile machines, weaving machines, machines for making needles, powerful cranes, system of drainage of wetlands through pipes, arched bridges. He created drawings of winches, levers and screws, is designed to lift a lot of weight…»Hoist, ratchet, developed according to the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci.Parachute created by the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci.In his treatises, Leonardo with the accuracy specified the size of the «device for safe descent from a great height». Tester from Switzerland, Olivier Tapp who dared to jump from 650 meters, noted that the flight under a dome of this design — safe, but the parachute with virtually no manage.The first tank created by the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci.This plank design, features gears, guns and turret was a prototype of the modern tank. Such a «hedgehog» could take eight people on the field of battle unscathed.

Mirror code Leonardo da Vinci painting

Art paintings of the artist, shrouded in mystery, has always attracted critics, who tried to reveal their secrets. The secret of the canvases of the painter was able to come close to Argentine historian Ugo Conti. He first decided to check on the paintings of the master mirror method, which has been read scientific treatises.The mirror code of Leonardo da Vinci. Monna Lisa.At the head of the group of volunteers Conti made a few discoveries that have made a revolution in the research of the artistic heritage of Leonardo. First, the researcher proved that all the images of paintings Vinci eye is not into the void, and look at specific points. And if you attach the mirror, there are formed a brand new strange shapes. So Conti found a number of demons in the painting «Saint Anne with the Madonna and baby Jesus», «John the Baptist» and the «Mona Lisa».The mirror code of Leonardo da Vinci. John The Baptist.Mirror code Leonardo da Vinci’s «Saint Anne with the Madonna and baby Jesus».The mirror code of Leonardo da Vinci. «Saint Anna with Madonna and baby Jesus».And yet historians have read in some records, Leonardo and a shocking prophecy that horrifies. Apparently this is what is going to happen. Truly terrible events await in the future earthlings: «sea water floods the city, rising to the top of the mountains»; «the earth asunder, it will come from animals that mankind will fight»; «babies will be taken away and brutally murdered»; «at high altitude will start to fight birds and snakes»; «half of the men lose their testes and will be sterile»; «some people have to hide from the light of day and live in families in caves.»As Leonardo predicted that people will be able to walk, not moving, probably to teleport, to communicate with someone who is not close — probably, via Skype. And hear those who do not speak — it is possible to read minds.Behind a «universal man» left, and another unsolved mystery. It is the place of his burial. Scientists still argue about whose remains are actually buried under the slab with the name of the great genius of the Renaissance.

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