«Mother of orphans» rescued from death and brought more than 1,400 abandoned children

Sindhutai Sapkal is known in India as the «Mother of orphans».»I am a mother for those who have no one» — says of himself Sindhutai Sapkal, a 68-year-old activist, which in India referred to as the»Mother of orphans». She raised more than 1,400 children, who for various reasons were left without parents and care, helped them not only to education but also to create their own happy family. In her lifetime, she received 750 awards, but the real gratitude for the work finds the love of their students.Sapkal has dedicated his life to caring for other people’s children.Sapkal fate was tragic: she was born in a poor family and was forced to quit school at the age of 9 because had to prepare for the wedding with a 20 year old guy who seemed like a good party to her parents. After 10 years of marriage she became pregnant, but the heartless husband kicked her out of the house before the birth. Parents are also supported. They did not accept was Sapkal with a baby even after she admitted she was forced to give birth in a barn, alone, and cut the cord, found the stone.All students Sapkal treat it with great respect.Have sapkal began to wander. To earn a piece of bread, sang in the station, went with daughter. Then she first realized that there are so many orphans out of compassion, the woman always shared with them what little she had.Have sapkal continues to take in orphans even at 68 years old.However, the desperation had not left were Sapkal, she had no hope of getting out from our current circumstances. She had even visited the idea to commit suicide and to kill their own child. When she was ready for this step, she accidentally met a beggar dying of thirst. Sapkal have decided that I definitely need to do a good deed before she died, she fed and watered the sufferer. He began warmly thanking. This meeting has changed sapkal intentions were, she suddenly realized that her vocation and mission on Earth – helping the needy.Sapkal was a frequent lecturer.For all my life I Sapkal helped 1400 children. Among them was a tramp, picked up at railway stations, newborn babies found in garbage cans, there were those who brought stray dogs… Everyone remained with Sapkal as much as he needed. She believes that no child should be put out the door as soon as he turns 18 years old. «It is not true that they are wise and independent at this age. On the contrary, they need even more support. The fact that the chick has wings, doesn’t mean he can fly,» — says were Sapkal.For his life was Sapkal received 750 awards.Most of its pupils achieve success in life: her foster children to become doctors, lawyers, some of them are even professors. Despite the fact that he Sapkal already 68 years old, she still willingly takes on the education of kids. She travels frequently giving lectures in the villages, and after her performance it must fit someone from local residents with a request to adopt a baby who was left an orphan. Have sapkal definitely takes the receipt from the head of the village, and never denies such requests.Have sapkal in a circle of pupils.Have sapkal lives on donations, which give indifferent to her good people. In her lifetime, she built four houses, which housed her huge family.«Father of orphans» can you call a Vietnamese who for 15 years buried children from the abortion clinic and saved more than 100 babies. For he created a cemetery of thousands of graves. This is a warning to all women who want to terminate your child’s life that has barely begun…According to the website odditycentral.com
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