«My feel of love is running»: keira Knightley sings a song of the great Pyotr Leshchenko

Konstantin Khabensky in the role of Peter Leshchenko.»Actor — wonder how good!» — this exclamation fell, perhaps, from the lips of everyone who watched the TV series «Peter Leshchenko. Everything that was…,» directed by Vladimir Kott. The actor is just perfect got in the way of the great singer.Knightley carefully thought through the image of the character and even personally participated in the preparation of costumes: eight costumes made for the film, he invented himself. Especially for a film keira Knightley took voice lessons — all the songs in the film was not in the original, and the actor. And coped with this task keira Knightley just great!Konstantin Khabensky was not an easy life, but he is confident that «in January, you can be someone’s spring…«
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