Mysterious a 2500 year old sword Gozzani, which still looks like new

Mysterious a 2500 year old sword Gozzani.In 1965, archaeologists discovered in China ancient sword, which was different from any other previously found. This unique ancient weapon, supposed to be around 2500 years, and, even more exciting — it is at the time of detection there was not a single speck of rust, and the sword was sharp… after the Millennium.Today the sword is on display in «Provincial Museum of Hubei».This really is a unique archeological artifact known as the «Sword of Gozzano», found in one of more than 50 ancient tombs that were found during archaeological excavations in the Chinese province of Hubei. In addition to the well-preserved bronze sword, the researchers also uncovered more than 2000 artifacts in these tombs.Sword Gozzani, Provincial Museum of Hubei»Gossan» found in a tomb in a virtually air-tight wooden box next to the skeleton. When he got out of the box, it turned out that the blade was not even the slightest spot, despite the fact that the sword lay in wet conditions for more than two millennia. Archaeologists immediately decided to test its sharpness, and it turned out that the blade could easily cut a stack of twenty sheets of paper. Archaeologists believe that this amazing sword is made of copper, tin and small amounts of iron. Currently «Gossan» is considered a national treasure of China during «the era of spring and autumn» (from 770 until 403 BC).Nan Ancient Chinese sword, which after thousands of years, looks like navyazannaya in honor of the book «the Annals of spring and autumn», attributed to Confucius, «the era of spring and autumn», also called «chunqiu period» is one of the most turbulent periods in the history of Ancient China. At that time there was a huge amount of conflict between powerful nobles who were fighting for the championship. This naturally led to the fact that in those centuries had made a lot of wonderful high-quality weapons made of bronze, one of the most prominent examples of which is the sword Gozzani.The sword is quite small — its length is 56 cm, width of blade — 4.5 cm and handle length is 8.4 cm the handle is beautifully decorated with turquoise stones. On the blade at the hilt is engraved with eight symbols in the ancient Chinese writing that translated, «the Sword belongs to Gozzano, ruler of the Kingdom of Yue».The deciphering of the inscriptions on the sword Gozzani.Gozzani, the son of the Wang (ruler) named Unican, who ruled the Kingdom of Yue (South of modern Zhejiang province) during the «era of spring and autumn», is considered by many to be one of the most famous emperors in Chinese history.As mentioned above, during the period of chunqiu was a large number of conflicts. One of them (between the kingdoms of Yue and Y) is said to have left a permanent mark in history. Van Gozzani smashed the army in the first battle, in 496 BC, but just one year later, Yue was defeated, and Gozzano and his wife captured. They save lives and in 490 BC was released. On arrival home, van Gozzani started to make plans of revenge. It took him ten years to prepare his army to attack the capital of the U. they Say that Gozzani used the famous sword to defeat the Kingdom of Wu in the last major conflict during the era of spring and autumn, and in the end managed to win U.a 2500 years of Chinese sword which looks as good as new.Today the sword is on display in «Provincial Museum of Hubei» along with many other impressive artifacts. There is no doubt that this high-quality bronze sword is of great historical importance not only for China but for the rest of the world. In addition, historians and researchers are still trying to understand how the sword was pristine and sharp for such a long time.
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