Not a single painting: Pechki-Lavochki from Vrubel, Malevich, tea, jewelry by Dali

Not only one painting: Pechki-Lavochki from Vrubel, kettle and graffiti from Malevich, jewelry from Given….Creative field of artists is often not limited to the scope of the canvas, and they’re trying their hand at other art, spheres, in particular, in design. Look at some very interesting works of famous painters in this field.

«Dress picture» or Frame from the artist

Very often the artists themselves are the designers when creating the «right» obramleniya their paintings, after all, a poorly selected frame can so easily spoil the impression from the picture. Many artists are personally created for my canvas sketches frames.Portrait of an unknown (in the author’s frame) Ivan Kuzmich Makarov 1860In the artist’s Studio (in the author’s frame) Konstantin Makovsky 1881Занятная scene is the little sneak takes the Apple from the prepared by the artist for works of still life.Of Russian painters carefully the selection of frames was approached by Vasily Vereshchagin and Ilya Repin.Vereshchagin almost all the frames for his pictures he invented himself and made his own drawings, and then basically carefully picked them up in workshops. Massive, ornate gilt frame, framing paintings Vereshchagin, really impressive!V. Vereshchagin. The old beggar woman is 96 years old, 1889 Author’s frameV. Vereshchagin. «Japanese beggar», the author’s frame 1903V. Vereshchagin. Japanese. The author’s frame. 1900-ies (state Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg)Frame, specially made for this Grand paintings by I. Repin, is a masterpiece in itself. It is decorated with gilded ornament and emblems of all the parishes that sent their representatives to the honoring of the Emperor. A speech delivered by the Emperor, also recorded on a special insert placed on the frame.The ceremonial meeting of the State Council, Repin, 1903Весьма original frames made for my paintings and artist Elizabeth BEM, using the most different materials (leather, velvet) and technology – wood carving, painting colors, gilding, embossing, engraving. Watercolor «the Boy in the costume of a boyar» E. böhm in the author’s frame. Meeting timingV. Kandinsky. «All saints day», 1911 oil on Canvas. The author’s frame . City Lenbahhauz gallery, Munkedal, the share of the author’s participation in the creation of frames is not always known, especially if we are talking about the old pictures. Some of them are so gorgeous frame that their creators presumably think themselves painters. This applies in particular to the painting of Raphael the Conestabile Madonna in a luxury frame, stored in the Hermitage. Unusually gilded frame was a perfect match to the picture, forming a whole with it. Rafael. Madonna Conestabile (with framing). 1502-1504

Glassware from artist Boehm

Elisabeth BEM (1843-1914)In 1893, went to Oryol province to his brother, who was in charge there crystal factory, Bohm seriously interested in glassware. Before that, glass was mainly made for practical purposes, and Elizabeth Boehm decided to learn the technique of glass painting, which at that time virtually none of the professional artists did not. Soon the work of Elizabeth Mercurine glass has earned international acclaim, receiving at the beginning of the XX century medals at European exhibitions in Paris, Munich and Milan . Set for wine. Author E. M. Boehm. Con. XIX century.Set for wine. Author E. M. Boehm. Damask is really of these glasses will not drink much – they are 2/3 of their volume is already filled glass mass. All glasses supplied with humorous inscriptions.Pitcher ornament in the Russian style. Author E. M. Boehm

«Porcelain art» Francois Boucher

Portrait of Francois Boucher (1703-1770)françois Boucher was a painter at the court of Louis XV and left a rich pictorial heritage. His paintings are in many museums around the world.1.Apollo and cowgirl from Issa. 2.The marriage of Cupid and psyche1.Geniuses of art. 2.Vacancie, he also had a great influence on the development of the «porcelain art» in France. At the initiative of the king’s mistresses Madame de Pompadour Boucher was recruited to work at the porcelain manufactory at Sevres, and for ten years has created a huge number of interesting sketches for porcelain dinnerware and figurines.Bush. Porcelain set

Pechki-Lavochki from Vrubel

The estates of Abramtsevo and Talashkino was dominated by the creative spirit. Visiting artists are often not only wrote his paintings here, but also with great enthusiasm, engaged in the decoration of these buildings and the surrounding area. It was here in a small workshop Mikhail Vrubel and began to learn majolica. Glaze it covers not only figurines, but also larger items.Fragment of the famous Vrubel benches made of majolica. AbramtsevoStove tiles Robustni of his most famous works was a magnificent majolica fireplace, created on motives of Russian epics — «the Meeting of Volga and Mikula Selyaninovich», awarded at the Paris exhibition 1900, gold medal.Fireplace Vrubel «Meeting of Volga and Mikula Selyaninovich»Vrubel’s Ceramics for decoration of facades of buildingsMost famous panels Vrubel called «Princess Dreams» is the decoration of the facade of the hotel «Metropol». Ceramic panel «Princess Dream», hotel «Metropol»And other colorful masterpiece, which Vrubel worked together, Vasnetsov, can be seen in Swan lane on the facade of one of the houses.Panels of ceramic on the facade of the house in Swan lane

City Vitebsk — the world capital of Suprematism

In 20 years of Malevich and his wife were forced to move to Vitebsk. Here restless Malevich took up active promotion of a new direction in painting, whose ancestor was he — Suprematism. Life in a small provincial town is boiling, and soon the Vitebsk became capital of the world is not very clear Suprematism, which had been based on the primacy of color and pointlessness. On the facades of urban buildings of Vitebsk with Suprematist appeared colorful murals around the city people were transported Suprematist trams. For Vitebsk proletarians produced a cloth and utensils too, in the spirit of Suprematism. The principle of painting the walls, surfaces or entire rooms, or entire apartments for the system of Suprematism (death to the Wallpaper)Kazimir Severinovich Malevich 1920Graffiti in VitebskSuprematist tramLike the trams, walked the streets of Vitebsk in 1920 and 1926.Kettle Suprematist Kazimir MalevichProchaska

Furniture and jewellery fancy Gave

With the development of modern art, many artists begin quite safe to work with the design. Not to mention the amazing pieces of furniture created by the flamboyant artist Salvador Dali, particularly his sofa bright red color, made in the form of the lips. In the words of Dali, form the couch and follows the form of lips actress Mae West, women scandal, which Dali called «erotic outstanding monument of our age«.The sofa in the shape of lips. 1974Designed by the great Spaniard, and jewelry. They also have an unusual shape and look very challenging, and sometimes even frightening.Of great interest today cause delicate enamel of the famous Russian jeweler Gustav Klingert.

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